Thursday, December 30, 2010

Months 1 and 2

Ok, so I'm a little behind. Now it's time to play catch up!

1 Month (6 Weeks)

My cousin is a photographer and the plan is for her to take a pic in this same outfit each month so that at the end we can put all the pics together and see the growth. (At the end of the day,especially the first month, I would get really bloated (so I didn't count that as added inches)... It's a woman's natural instinct to suck in, but my cousin insisted that I didn't! Ha!)

Scale: Stayed about the same

Belly growth: Gained zero inches

Jonesin' for: Sonic burger, fries, and cherry limeade; milk

Repulsed by: Mostly meat... especially the smell of it cooking! (I just gagged a little) A lot of times eating just doesn't sound good in general.

Symptoms: Sore breasts, cramping, and nausea! Oh, and exhaustion!

Clothes: Mine fit fine and are actually very loose due to my pre-pregnancy weight loss.

Bedtime: 8:30, no exceptions. It is almost impossible to stay up later, and when I attempt to, I'm miserable! But I wake up early... sometimes way too early!

Jelly Bean is: the size of one grain of rice (0.08 to 0.16 inch crown to rump). The eyes are forming and limb buds are appearing.

Fun Fact: My dogs sense pregnant women. We found this out when my best friend, Kelsey, was pregnant with her first baby. Charlie, who is very selective in who he'll come to and is not a very snugly dog, would snuggle right up to Kelsey! Once she had Harrison, he went back to his usual self. Now that Kelsey is pregnant with her second baby, Charlie is friendly to her again.
Before I found out I was pregnant, Charlie was being super snugly with me. I found it strange and thought he was going through a phase. It wasn't until a while after I found out I was pregnant that I realized he knew before I did! So now, anytime I sit down or lie in bed I pretty much have two fuzz balls on me! (As much as I love my boys, my irritable prego self feels claustrophoberized most of the time!)

2 Months (10 Weeks)

Scale: Lost 2 pounds during the month but I've gained them back

Belly growth: Gained 2 inches total

Jonesin' for: Shipley's sausage and cheese kolaches and glazed donuts; Nacho Cheese Doritos; milk

Repulsed by: Still mostly meat. Water no longer tastes good. They say you get a metallic taste in your mouth when you are pregnant so maybe that's why. (Regardless, yuck!)

Symptoms: Nausea, but it appears to be getting better. Still feel exhausted so I have little motivation to do the things that are normally really important to me like clean the house! Oh, and frequent urination! I really thought this came later in pregnancy when the baby is so big it pushes on your bladder but turns out this is a very early symptom due to increased blood volume.

Clothes: Still fitting ok, most pants still fit loose (like I said before, I had lost weight pre-pregnancy so the couple inches I've gained hasn't effected my pants yet) However, I'm in the super awkward stage where I just look like I have a beer belly instead of pregnant so I lean towards preferring loose fitting tops. I have started picking up a few maternity items when I see anything cute, that fits, on sale. (Because my goodness! Cute maternity clothes, that FIT and are in my price range are not easy to come by!)

Bedtime: Still like to be in bed early but can withstand staying up a little later if the need be. I was sleeping great, not waking up until morning. But more recently, I wake up about 3:00 AM (normally to pee) and can't go back to sleep for a few hours! Ugh!

Jelly Bean is: The size of a small plum (1 1/4 to 1 3/4 inches from crown to rump... that's a VERY small plum!) and weighs around 0.18 ounces. Jelly Bean now looks like a little person with even nails and hair follicles forming this week!

Fun Fact: My best friend Kelsey is also pregnant and she is 6 weeks ahead of me (due June 15th). Just last week she found out she is having a girl! I'm so excited for her! She already has an adorable little boy so how exciting to have one of each! Now I know Jelly Bean either has HIS future wife and HER best friend! :)

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