Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hollyn is Ten Months Old Today!

I CANNOT believe Hollyn is 10 months old today! {May 19, 2012}

Let's see what you've been up to...

At your 10 month check up you weighed 18.11lbs (33rd%), you were 28.25in long (52nd%), and your head was 42cm around (5th%).

You pulled yourself to stand for the first time!

You have so many words now! you say mama, dada, dog, turtle, duck, drink, more, uh-oh (when you drop something), bye-bye (or most the time you say byyyeee with a little southern accent); I say, "what does a dog say?" and you will say arf-arf! Same goes for duck (quack-quack!) and cow (mmmmm!). You also copied mommy when I said "bop, bop, bop!" And you've started to mimic people when they laugh or cough by faking it.

You sign more, please, and drink.

I set out these 3 blocks with different animals in them and I asked you which one was the dog and you leaned over, looked inside them and grabbed the dog. You did the same for duck. Glad Aunt Kristy was there to witness it because you hates to perform for the camera!

We went to the Village Fair and listened to the band, walked around...

And ate hamburgers with Grammy and Grandpop.

You just started drinking 2% cows milk. And you've also learned to drink out of a straw. (You love fast food cups and you were crying for my Sonic milkshake cup. Since you had never been able to drink out of a straw before, I put the straw in your mouth just to show you there was nothing special... and that backfired on me! You began slurping down my milkshake! Lol!)

Strike a pose!

You rocked your first pony tail ;)

We went to dinner with Daddy, Aunt Kristy, Grammy and Grandpop and the waiter liked you so much he made you a hat out of a napkin and then brought you your own ice cream.

Mommy and Daddy took you to the Build-A-Bear Workshop and we made Ko-Ko. And boy, do you have your Daddy wrapped around your little finger... not only did Daddy fully participate in making Ko-Ko (kissing the heart, recording his voice, fluffing its fur, etc.) but he also named Ko-Ko. Then, when we were done, I thought Ko-Ko was to be saved for your birthday but you loved him so much Daddy said you needed him right away <3

You love to wear Daddy's hat.

We celebrated my first Mother's Day with you. What a special day! You picked out my card, one with music of course and Daddy you got me purple tulips, and candy (I'm also suppose to be ordering a special necklace that has your picture on it). Aunt Kristy made dinner and we enjoyed it with both sets of your grandparents.

We also celebrated your bestie's (Harper) first birthday with a bestie lunch.

And then a little play time

Saturday was the party... a couple of party animals.

Watch out people!
We went to your friend Arrianna's first birthday party at a park. You had fun crawling on the ground and playing with your friends getting filthy dirty in the mean while (you should be proud of Mommy, a dirty baby goes against every fiber of my being).

Jude, you and Aroura
As hard as it is to see your babyhood slowly turn into *cringe* todlerhood, it is amazing to watch you learn and grow! You are so smart and so fun! Mommy and Daddy love you so much Holly Bug!