Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hollyn Does NOT Like Oatmeal

I forgot to put this video in with Hollyn's six month post so thought I would share it separately.

Unfortunately, it looks like Hollyn has her Momma's picky eating habits. (She has the same reaction to any green vegetable and squash).

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hollyn is Seven Months Old Today!

Hollyn is seven months old today... growing way too fast! (2/19/12)

Let's see what you've been up to...

This past month you had one rough week. You had the worst diaper rash ever so the doctor wanted me to bring you in. It was so bad you would cry when I changed you and in order for it to heal the doctor said I would not be able to use wet wipes... this meant washing your little tushi in the sink, with my hand! (Now that's love!) While we were at the doctor you also got one of the shots you had missed. In addition to the rash and shot, at the end of this week you had a fever of 102.5. (Your Mommy freaked out a little!) It lasted for three days and you were miserable! This was your first real sickness. On the fourth day your fever broke and you developed a rash all over your torso. Turns out that means you had Roseola.

This is the first month you haven't had to go to the doctor for a monthly check up so I don't have your official measurements for 7 months but based on my scale, you are close to 18lbs!!!

Your first tooth has broke through! It is in the middle on the bottom left and right next to it your second one is beginning to peek through. (Since they aren't sticking up very far, it has proven impossible for me to wrestle your mouth open for a picture.)

You are learning to wave... not a very coordinated wave but still cute ;)

You can drink out of your sippy cup all by yourself! (This was the first time you rode in your "umbrella stroller." Just a lighter weight, smaller stroller.)

You say "da" for your duck and you know which one it is! (You also say a different version of "da" for dogs... which you love!)

You scoot all around and you are trying to figure out how to crawl... won't be long!

You got moves like your mama ;)

You bang your blocks together...

You have become quite ticklish.

You had your first taste of ice cream! And loved it!