Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dear Jelly Bean,

{Written on November 17. Day 30.}

Well, you're really more of a poppy seed right now but I love you just the same. Your dad and I have prayed for you before we ever started trying to make you. But almost exactly a year ago we decided we were ready for you. Turns out God thought differently. As hard as it seemed whiled waiting, the timing wasn't right. God was growing your dad in me in ways that we could have never seen coming. I really believe our marriage is stronger (which we hope to model for you) and that we will be better parents because of this.

We just found out yesterday that you were growing inside of me. I'm still having a hard time believing it. It is so amazing to believe you are just hanging out in there and one day you will be mine to hold.

I love you so much already. It doesn't matter if you are a boy or girl, blond or  brunette, tall or short... I will always love you no matter what!

These next 8 months are going to be tough waiting for you. We will be praying for you the whole time. I can't wait to meet you, my little jelly bean!

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