Thursday, August 25, 2011

Koncepts by Kate

As if I haven't been a little busy lately, I actually also became a vendor in a couple of local boutiques (The Funky Monkey ~ FB page and Little Closets ~ FB page). So in between feeding and calming a fussy baby I've been working on my products.

Here's some of the products I've completed and are for sale in the stores.

Growth charts

Bow Holders

Custom canvas signs

This one was actually a custom order


Pacifier clips (That will fit ALL pacifiers)

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It's been crazy... but I think I thrive on stress ;)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hollyn is One Month Old Today!

I cannot believe you are already one month! Life really does change once you have a baby... it gets put into fast forward!

Let's see what you've been up to...

Ta Dah!
When you were born you weighed 8lbs 6oz but within a day you were down to 7lbs 12oz. Because of your weight loss, the doctor insisted we feed you every 2 to 3 hours, waking you up to feed you if you didn't on your own... never fun to wake a sleeping baby! At your one week appointment you had done a good job gaining weight (8lbs 4oz) but you still weren't quite to your birth weight so we still had to wake you up every 3 hours (And I was becoming one tired momma!). At your 2 week appointment you were up to 8lbs 10oz so we were officially free to let you sleep as long as you wanted, still feeding you every 2 to 3 hours while awake. (Wooohooo! More sleep for mommy!) You sleep anywhere from 5 mins to 5 and a half hours. Your record time between feedings is 7hrs 45mins! (You've only done that once though)

(funny fact: You snort when you are fussy or in a hurry to eat. It is the cutest thing ever! I'll have to try to capture it on video.)

You aren't on any schedule yet. I try to make you wait 3 hours to eat but I can be a sucker when you get fussy enough. (And by fussy, I mean screaming like a little teradactyl! You never had that sweet newborn cry that sounds like a little lamb. Your daddy and I knew we were in for it when we heard your teradactyl screeches the first time the nurse brought you to us in our hospital room :) You sleep good in the mornings and are usually in a pretty good mood. However, by the time daddy gets home you are wide awake and not particularly happy. But you do love bath time.

It takes a while to get you to sleep at night, but once you finally go down, you will normally sleep for a good 4 to 5 hours.

You've had surprisingly good head control since you were born. We've recently tried a little tummy time with you and you can hold up your head pretty well. (You also act like you're ready to take off and start crawling! Mommy's not ready for that!)

{3 weeks}
Your umbilical cord fell off right at two weeks... actually during your newborn photo shoot... we think it got caught on your Aunt Meg's shirt, lol!

{2 weeks}

You like your bouncy seat best out of all your gadgets and you swat and grab the toys. (You have a really good grip... when I'm nursing you, you like to hold something... my shirt, my hair, my finger, etc.)

You are not too sure about your playmat. You will stare at some of the toys for a while and even swat at them but you get pretty mad that you can't grab them. (Honestly, your favorite entertainment is to stare at the ceiling fan... and we don't even turn it on because you aren't suppose to have newborns under ceiling fans! Not sure why you are so fascinated with it!)

What a little sting bean!

My little strawberry :)

{1 week}
You will only take the green soothie pacifiers the hospital gave us. You really aren't super interested in them except when you get fussy (and we kinda force you to take it ;) When I try other pacifiers you act like I just gave you the grossest thing ever! Ha!

Mom, this thing is as big as my head!

We wrap you up nice and tight in a swaddler when you go to sleep... it seems to help you sleep longer and flail around less.

It's a baby burrito!

But you are our little Houdini and somehow get your arms free a lot of the times!

You are a daddy's girl. He can calm you down like no other. And you love when he sings to you and plays the piano. (You tend to favor your song, Holly Bug, but you also like when he sings Lean on Me, Earth Angel, Halleluiah, and Hey Jude)

For some reason you always burp the best for daddy so I pass you to him a lot of times after my failed attempts.

It is so hard to believe how much you've grown and changed in just one month! We feel so incredibly blessed to have you as our daughter! We love you little Holly Bug and thank God for you every day!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Like Mother Like Daughter

Mommy - born 10:13pm, 8lbs 15oz, 20.5in
Hollyn - born 10:07pm, 8lbs 6oz, 20.75in

So we were both a little swollen ;)



But we slimmed down :)