Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hollyn is Nine Months Old Today!

My baby is nine months old today! {April 19, 2012} Where is time going???

Let's see what you've been up to...

You have had a lot of congestion (because you inherited your Daddy's horrible allergies) so at night you cough like crazy and keep the both of us up. Every time I take you to the doctor he tells me it's just teething and allergies but it just seemed worse. So I took you to the doctor and I'm glad I did! Your bad allergies have caused you to get a sinus infection and the beginning of an ear infection. On top of teething, this has made for a frustrating couple of weeks. While at the doctor we did check your weight and you've stayed at about 18lbs (18lbs 1oz to be exact).

You have started to get a little more clingy to your Mama... not sure that it's really turned into separation anxiety yet. I really think a lot of it has to do with you not feeling good. You are still happy to go to the YMCA, BSF, and church child watch. You do great when I drop you off and when I come to pick you up you are almost always happily playing... but once you see me, you want your Mommy and you are set on it! (Of course, that makes me feel very loved ;)

You are obsessed with Hank! You just adore him and you cry for him! You love to pet and hug him.

You love to throw your toys. And not out of anger, you just like to throw and you have a pretty good little arm.

You can crawl but for some reason you choose to crawl as little as possible and then just dive for what you want!

Your hair is getting longer and it makes for some great bed-head in the morning ;)

This picture had Daddy wishing he hadn't sold his shotgun... not sure how we're going to keep those boys away! ;)

Our church has started a campaign called the "Everyone Campaign" ("be one of everyone") and EVERYONE got a shirt... when I went to pick you up from peewees you had this on... so stinkin' cute... you are "one of everyone" too!

I bought you a Hollyn-sized pool and and you went "swimming" for the first time. The water was a little cool at first...

But then I warmed it up for you and you warmed up to it! You actually really liked it.

We celebrated your Great Grandma Murr's 90th birthday!!! You were the youngest one there and of course everyone adored you!

You've started to play peek-a-boo! You'll use your bib or a burb cloth... pretty cute :)


Grammy bought you a giant lady bug and you love it! It's bigger than you!

Unfortunately, Mommy caught a nasty stomach bug just before Easter and passed it on to your Grammy and GrandPixie so our Easter was pretty simple... but of course you still needed to be dressed for the occasion ;)

Your eggs had puffs and yogurt melts in them so not only were they fun to shake but even more fun to open and eat!

You are a cracker addict! You discovered them when Mommy was sick and it was all I could eat. Apparently, they just looked like something you would like because you cried asked for them... and that was it! You were hooked! If they (or the box) is in sight, you are pretty insistent on getting your chubby, little hands on one!

GrandPixie and Grandpa Billy got you a walker for Christmas and your feet finally touch! You mostly scoot yourself backwards... you haven't quite figured out the going forward thing.

Helping Daddy and Grandpa Billy clean the garage.
You can say "ma-ma" but most of the time it sounds like "na-na" and you definitely say it when you want me... but it also sounds really close to what you say when you want a cracker sooooo I'm not exactly sure what you think it means! Haha! You started saying turtle ("dur-dle") for your rubber bath toy and sometimes you repeat me and it sounds clear as day! (Of course you never perform quite as well when I get the camera out ;)

You do know how to ask for what you want. You think signing more means "give me that!" And it pretty much works ;)

Of course you still love ALL things music/dance/singing... you seriously did this for 15 minutes straight!

Hollyn, you are so much fun! And you bring so much joy to the whole family! We love you so much!