Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cliff Notes

So let me catch you up to speed by giving you a little history lesson of my life. (I’ll try to make it painless as possible… Cliff Notes version, picture book style.)

I was born and raised in League City, TX (a suburb of Houston)

Blah. Blah. Blah.

I have a wonderful big sis, Kristy, who is 6 years older than me and amazing parents (who have been married for 35 years!)

(fam pic coming soon)

Yata. Yata. Yata.

I lived in the same house almost my entire life (my parents finally moved (down the street) when I was 20 and engaged).

Blah. Blah. Blah.

I played tennis from junior high through high school and loved it!

As a freshman in high school I started attending Clear Creek Community Church where God revealed His love and grace to me and declared me as his own. I was baptized with my family (my sister, parents and aunt and uncle) that same year.

(baptism pic coming soon)

I met the love of my life, Jeff, through CCCC when I was a junior in high school. (Did I mention he was 4 years older than me? 17 & 21… parents were not so thrilled)

Apparently he liked me enough to take me to my high school Christmas dance

Powder Puff 2003

Rodeo 2003

I taught him to hunt ;) (2003)

He took me to my senior Prom <3

High school graduation 2004!

White Christmas (very, very rare in Houston!)

We dated for 2 ½ years and then got engaged. (He really grew on my parents)

Then a year later, we got married! (Yes, I was only 20)

Shortly after we were married I convinced Jeff into getting our first dog, Hank.

Hankie puppy... all 3lbs of him!

And then somehow he talked ME into a second dog, Charlie.

Super Charlie!

(They’re not spoiled at all.)

Charlie & Hank's first Christmas present

Charlie & Hank in their PJ's

They love getting their picture taken... especially Charlie!

Almost exactly on our one year wedding anniversary, we bought our first house. (After almost 6 months of the building process… and if a marriage can make it through that… well… )

In August of 2007, we joined a couples small group through CCCC where we met great friends, including our, now, best friends, Rick and Kelsey Boyd.

Kels & Me
Rick & Jeff

In December of 2008 I graduated with my BS in accounting. (Woo hoo!!!)

And went straight to work as an auditor for a CPA firm.

Me and some of my coworkers out for a happy hour

In August 2009, while driving home from one of my clients (my clients are all over Houston (and even one in Dallas) so my commute is usually around an hour) I was ran off the road (into a barrier) and totaled my car. I walked away from the accident with minor injuries (Praise the Lord!) which was pretty amazing!

I give you all this background for a reason: 1) Now, you know most of the important things about me, 2) You can see (that with some non mentioned major and minor crisis’s along the way, which have all seemed to work themselves out), my life has been pretty smooth. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful family and friends! And 3) now you are caught up to about September 2009, where I want to really start my blog.


  1. Wow that really was the Cliff Notes version. I didn't see any mention of me. Probably because I'm to big to be limited to the Cliff Notes. (?)

  2. Edit in: And I've made the most wonderful friends while working for HLB, including the oh so fabulous Jessica! (and Brigid and Sharon and ... let's face it, I could keep going for a while!)

  3. I feel really old after looking at those pictures.......

  4. I'm so flattered to make the Cliff Notes version! Tee hee! Love ya, Bestie!

    P.S. - your header picture is OKAY I guess, but I think the one of us together would have been way more realistic and appropriate. ;)

    P.S.S. - I'm so glad you started a blog! Now when I'm talking about one of the blogs I read and I say "Well on my friend's blog..." I will actually be talking about a real friend and not just a stranger who I happen to stalk on a daily basis. Don't get me wrong...I will totally be stalking you too, but at least we know each other in real life! Makes me slightly less of a creep, right?