Thursday, December 30, 2010

Months 1 and 2

Ok, so I'm a little behind. Now it's time to play catch up!

1 Month (6 Weeks)

My cousin is a photographer and the plan is for her to take a pic in this same outfit each month so that at the end we can put all the pics together and see the growth. (At the end of the day,especially the first month, I would get really bloated (so I didn't count that as added inches)... It's a woman's natural instinct to suck in, but my cousin insisted that I didn't! Ha!)

Scale: Stayed about the same

Belly growth: Gained zero inches

Jonesin' for: Sonic burger, fries, and cherry limeade; milk

Repulsed by: Mostly meat... especially the smell of it cooking! (I just gagged a little) A lot of times eating just doesn't sound good in general.

Symptoms: Sore breasts, cramping, and nausea! Oh, and exhaustion!

Clothes: Mine fit fine and are actually very loose due to my pre-pregnancy weight loss.

Bedtime: 8:30, no exceptions. It is almost impossible to stay up later, and when I attempt to, I'm miserable! But I wake up early... sometimes way too early!

Jelly Bean is: the size of one grain of rice (0.08 to 0.16 inch crown to rump). The eyes are forming and limb buds are appearing.

Fun Fact: My dogs sense pregnant women. We found this out when my best friend, Kelsey, was pregnant with her first baby. Charlie, who is very selective in who he'll come to and is not a very snugly dog, would snuggle right up to Kelsey! Once she had Harrison, he went back to his usual self. Now that Kelsey is pregnant with her second baby, Charlie is friendly to her again.
Before I found out I was pregnant, Charlie was being super snugly with me. I found it strange and thought he was going through a phase. It wasn't until a while after I found out I was pregnant that I realized he knew before I did! So now, anytime I sit down or lie in bed I pretty much have two fuzz balls on me! (As much as I love my boys, my irritable prego self feels claustrophoberized most of the time!)

2 Months (10 Weeks)

Scale: Lost 2 pounds during the month but I've gained them back

Belly growth: Gained 2 inches total

Jonesin' for: Shipley's sausage and cheese kolaches and glazed donuts; Nacho Cheese Doritos; milk

Repulsed by: Still mostly meat. Water no longer tastes good. They say you get a metallic taste in your mouth when you are pregnant so maybe that's why. (Regardless, yuck!)

Symptoms: Nausea, but it appears to be getting better. Still feel exhausted so I have little motivation to do the things that are normally really important to me like clean the house! Oh, and frequent urination! I really thought this came later in pregnancy when the baby is so big it pushes on your bladder but turns out this is a very early symptom due to increased blood volume.

Clothes: Still fitting ok, most pants still fit loose (like I said before, I had lost weight pre-pregnancy so the couple inches I've gained hasn't effected my pants yet) However, I'm in the super awkward stage where I just look like I have a beer belly instead of pregnant so I lean towards preferring loose fitting tops. I have started picking up a few maternity items when I see anything cute, that fits, on sale. (Because my goodness! Cute maternity clothes, that FIT and are in my price range are not easy to come by!)

Bedtime: Still like to be in bed early but can withstand staying up a little later if the need be. I was sleeping great, not waking up until morning. But more recently, I wake up about 3:00 AM (normally to pee) and can't go back to sleep for a few hours! Ugh!

Jelly Bean is: The size of a small plum (1 1/4 to 1 3/4 inches from crown to rump... that's a VERY small plum!) and weighs around 0.18 ounces. Jelly Bean now looks like a little person with even nails and hair follicles forming this week!

Fun Fact: My best friend Kelsey is also pregnant and she is 6 weeks ahead of me (due June 15th). Just last week she found out she is having a girl! I'm so excited for her! She already has an adorable little boy so how exciting to have one of each! Now I know Jelly Bean either has HIS future wife and HER best friend! :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

I thought I'd share the pics from our Christmas.

Christmas Eve dinner at my parents:

The spread! Yum!

36+ years of marriage and still got it :)

The family

Say cheese enchiladas!

My sopapilla cheesecake

The men watching football/Santa Clause is Coming to Town
Christmas morning at our house:

The coffee and sweets... somehow I forget to take a pic of the breakfast counter.

All the White Elephant gifts under the tree

My mom and dad

My sis and my pups

Mom got #1 in the White Elephant. Her first gift was some candles with an Olive Garden gift card.

Pop Pop got a foot massager and back massager

Had to throw in this adorable pic of my Aunt Ali with Hankie

Billy (Jeff's dad) got a heated blanket

Kristy got a food proccessor

Mimi picked a gift she brought which was a men's wallet. She wanted it for Pop Pop... very sweet.

Uncle Andy also picked his own gift which was a Christmas decoration

And to continue the theme, Jeff opened one of the gifts we bought, a digital picture frame

Alison got some fancy flashlights

Jeremy (Jeff's bro) stole the picture frame

So Jeff opened another one of our gifts which was chocolates and a Carrabas gift card (My favorite!)

Jeff was taking an action shot here

I got more chocolates and an Outback gift card which is also good at Carrabas!

Pixie (Jeff's mom) got a cute purse

Dad stole the flashlights (which he brought)

Ali stole my gift :(  but then I ended up with a candle with a Chili's gift card... also good at Maggianos! (Score!)

Bubby love!

After some good fun, most everyone went to their next stop. Jeff, my sis and I rested and watched the Santa Clause.

The boys love their aunt!

My parents came back over and my mom cooked Christmas dinner. Jeff's mom and grandma ended up coming back over as well and we had a delicious dinner together. Then we played a game of Outburst and called it a night. What a day!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

I can't believe it's Christmas Eve! The last few days have been full of fun!

On Wednesday (Dec 22) Jeff, my sis, and myself made a trip to the Galleria. We got to have dinner next to the GIANT Christmas tree and the ice skating rink. Then we headed to River Oaks to look at Christmas lights. (This is a VERY upscale neighborhood in Houston with houses the size of hotels!)

This lighted tree was outside the country club and we were in complete awe!

My photography skills aren't so great but this was also outside of the country club and it was was tons of lights streaming down from trees. Gorgeous!

This house was amazing! There was life-size Santa and sleigh. Tons of people were walking through the yard and we were like "What?" Then we realized around front the owner was dressed as Santa and people were stopping to have their picture taken with him. How sweet!

I think Jeff was driving as I took this pic, but you get the point ;)

After all our light looking, we went home and watched Home Alone... one of Jeff's all time favorites!

Thursday (Dec 23) is a very special day... it's my Hubby's birthday! We celebrated by having dinner at Saltgrass with the family and then back to our house for Jeff's favorite dessert... my homemade chocolate and white chocolate swirl  chip cookies!

Not to toot my own horn, but YUMMY!

After everyone left, except of course my wonderful sis, we watched Home Alone 2, which I think Jeff actually likes even better than the first one.

Now to today! It's Christmas Eve! I L-O-V-E Christmas Eve! We started some really fun Christmas Eve traditions a few years back and I really look forward to them.

First, we go to the Christmas Eve service as a family (My parents and sis and Jeff's parents and bro... and sometimes my aunt and uncle). Then we go back to my parents' house for a delicious Mexican dinner. We came up with this nontraditional Christmas Eve meal because on Christmas day you get so much traditional food that it's nice to have something different. My mom makes the most amazing cheese enchiladas and this year we're doing a taco bar with all the fixin's. I had a hard time in the past figuring out what type of dessert to make but then last year my friend, Brigid, gave me a sopapilla cheesecake recipe that is to die for! So I think that is a new staple for the meal. After dinner and dessert we hang out and talk and sometimes play games (I'm going to push for the games this year... my competitive side really enjoys it!)

Since my sister and I were very little, another part of our Christmas Eve tradition was that we always got to open ONE present... and that one present was ALWAYS pajamas! My Grammy started this tradition so that we would look nice in the Christmas morning pictures opening our presents. When she wasn't able to do it anymore, my parents took it over. Last year we started a new Christmas tradition that instead of spending tons of money and buying tons of Christmas presents, we would just play the White Elephant gift exchange. So I told my mom not to worry about buying the pajamas and that once the were grandkids, I wanted her to carry on the tradition with them. (That was pretty tough on her I think but I didn't want her to have to buy us presents and us not have anything to give in return) The great thing is, we will be able to start that tradition next year! (Which I think my mom is pretty stoked about :)

Once Jeff and I moved into our house (3.5 years ago) we started having Christmas morning at our house. It's so nice not to have to go a million places on Christmas. Luckily, our families get along great so we are able to celebrate all together! We make breakfast (I make pigs n' blankets, my mom makes something sweet like a crumb cake, Jeff's mom makes a breakfast casserole, and Mimi (Jeff's grandma) brings fresh fruit. After we chow down we play the white elephant gift exchange. I have a hard time with this game because I feel too mean stealing gifts but it's all in good fun.

Now I better get to work! I got pigs to roll in blankets and sopapilla cheesecake to bake! I'll leave you with a couple pics of our decor this year.

I finally ordered new stockings this year from Pottery Barn and I love them!

This is our tree... well one of them. We normally put up multiple trees in different sizes but this year I decided to be simple.

My favorite part of our tree this year are the bubble lights. Bubble lights are from the 70's so they're not that easy to find but my Uncle Andy picked them up for us in a small town last year after Christmas. They give the tree so much life!

Merry Christmas!!! May we all enjoy time with family celebrating the birth of our Savior!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thumpetty, Thump, Thump, Look at Jelly Bean Go!

I know it has been a while. Due to some personal family issues I had to take a blogging break but I come back with some great news! After postponing my doctor's visit twice, we were finally able to see Jelly Bean again on Friday (Dec 17).

Jeff and I have had a lot going on, a lot of stress... but on Friday, when we got to hear (and see!) that amazing little heart beat, it's like the world stopped for a minute. All the difficulties that have been surrounding us were gone in that moment and all we could do is listen and look in pure awe. I still find it hard to believe there is this little creation growing inside me. Sometimes (especially with stuff that has been going on) I feel like I forget that I'm pregnant. (Of course my always prevalent nausea attempts to help remind me). But when we get to see that little miracle on the screen, it's so real.

Jelly Bean at 8.5 Weeks. Yes, he/she does look like a shrimp.

Jelly Bean is 2 cm long!

This is my favorite pic! It is looking from the top of the head down and on either side of the cross are Jelly Bean's tiny little arms (which we actually got to see move!). The doctor made a comment how it looks like it's holding the cross which made me kind of tear up. (My baby loves Jesus already!)

This pic shows the heart rate at the bottom however for some reason it doesn't actually list the heart rate. But the doctor did make a comment that it had a strong heart beat like a boy. Not sure if he was joking but I've had a feeling lately that Jelly Bean is a boy!

We go back at 11.5 weeks and I can't wait! The doctor is going to already look and see if he can distinguish if it is a boy or a girl. It will be really early, so I'm not going to get my hopes too high, but he's an amazing doctor so we'll see!

Friday, December 3, 2010


{Written November 25, 2010... Thanksgiving Day!}

Blood work #1: Thursday, November 18, 2010; Positive with HCG levels at 445! (Phew!)

Now, that is great news, but as I'm quickly learning, there will always be something to worry about. First, was making sure I was definitely pregnant. Next? Of course I learn that there is always a chance of an ectopic pregnancy (where the embryo implants itself in the tube instead of the uterus) and there is no chance of a healthy pregnancy not to mention it can actually be fatal to the mom. Awesome. In order to prevent the loss of a fallopian tube or death, my doctor continues to run blood work every few days until the HCG levels reach 2000. Why? Because 1) increasing HCG is a good indicator of a healthy pregnancy (If the levels aren't increasing, this could mean an ectopic pregnancy), and 2) Once your levels reach 2000, the embryo is actually visible on an ultrasound and the doctor can officially confirm if it's in the uterus.

So Tuesday (November 23) I went for my second blood test. Since my sister is a teacher, she has the week off for Thanksgiving and she went with me. We ended up having a great day together: a trip to The Galleria, manicures, and lunch! This was a nice distraction but it was still hard not to wonder what the outcome of my blood work would be.

Since I would get the results the day before Thanksgiving (and of course the doctor's office would be closed Thursday and Friday and are always closed on Mondays) I had asked the nurse if they would let me know my results as soon as possible and that if my levels were high enough, could they get me in last minute for an ultrasound. (We have been planning on telling extended family on Thanksgiving and this would make it so much easier) She said they would try their best but there wasn't much likelihood that my levels were already above 2000.

So here it was Wednesday, and putting myself aside, my brother-in-law was coming home after serving our country for 6 months! (PRAISE GOD!!!) I ran some errands with my friend, and since I hadn't heard from the doctor, I called my MIL and asked her to pick me up on the way to see Jeremy land. (A ton of the family was going to greet him on the tar mac) Jeff was going to meet us there since he was still at work.

And what do you know? Minutes before my in-laws are suppose to pick me up I get a call! "Your levels are well above 2000. We can get you in for an ultrasound but you have to be here by 11:40." OMG!!!!! It was 10:20. I was shaking. So exciting but so scary. Thankfully, Jeff was able to get off immediately and we went straight to the doctor.

My doctor's office is amazing so the wait is never too bad. But when you're waiting to find out if your pregnancy is viable, it feels like eternity!

When we finally got to the ultrasound, the doctor didn't hesitate one bit, "It already looks good." Phew! Another deep sign of relief! The doctor went on to tell us how healthy the pregnancy looked. (Another PRAISE GOD!)

5 Weeks. Jelly Bean is actually a tiny dot within the dot (aka: sac) but what a beautiful dot!

Of course the doctor did remind us to guard our hearts. Until he can see the heart beat (in a couple of weeks), there is a 1 in 4 chance of a miscarriage. (Once he sees the heartbeat, the chances go down to 5%) I also still have an existing cyst that is trying to go away and a new one. He assured us that almost all his patients have these during pregnancy and as long as we take the appropriate precautions, everything should be fine. In order to prevent the cyst from rupturing, he's putting me on Prometrium. I will be a high risk pregnancy so I just have to be a little more careful. I'll cut my exercise back to only walking and the elliptical and I can't lift anything heavier than a milk jug. As much as I'll miss my workouts, jelly bean is totally worth it!

Even though it is still early, we decided to share the news with our families today. What a great day to celebrate with family! We told Jeff's side by having his grandma (Mimi) say the blessing and end it with "I'm especially thankful for the news that I will be a great grandmother!" Now, the family was spread throughout the house and Mimi is soft spoken so there were a lot of "What?" "Huh?!?" then finally "Katie's PREGNANT?!?!?!?!" Haha! It was so fun! My family's Thanksgiving is much smaller so I just came right out with it! (It's news that's just so hard to keep to myself!) Everyone was excited and it was so special to have everyone celebrate with us.

We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! I can't give God enough praise! Thank you Lord for Jeremy's safe return home and thank you for this little miracle You are growing inside of me!

(Please continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby, a healthy mommy, and for Jeff and myself to place our fears in Gods hands!)

Thursday, December 2, 2010


{Written November 19}

As an auditor for two years, I used the word fraud a lot. Right now, that's how I feel. I feel like a fraud. I just can't believe I am FINALLY pregnant!

Kelsey and I have gone baby shopping (just a little) and I feel like I'm pretending. It just seems like for so long I would happen to end up in the baby section and browse around telling myself "I'll look for Harrison," good and well knowing I was fantasizing for myself. So now, I REALLY get to go to the baby section and browse for my own future baby. It's crazy!

When will it feel real??? I went to get blood work yesterday. No appointment. Just blood work. Today I will get the results. I know my tests were positive at home but I have this paralyzing fear that the blood work will come back negative. I'm trying so hard to be positive but Negative Nancy and I have become good friends this past year. Maybe if when the results come back positive it will feel real???

I know I have to give my fears up to God and place them in His hands. But it's hard when you're a natural worry wart. Just getting to this point has grown my relationship with Him so much and I know the next 8 months will continue to grow me as well. I know until I have that precious, healthy baby in my arms I will be fearing the worst. So my newest commitment will be praying daily for God to take my fears and help me to trust fully in Him.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dear Jelly Bean,

{Written on November 17. Day 30.}

Well, you're really more of a poppy seed right now but I love you just the same. Your dad and I have prayed for you before we ever started trying to make you. But almost exactly a year ago we decided we were ready for you. Turns out God thought differently. As hard as it seemed whiled waiting, the timing wasn't right. God was growing your dad in me in ways that we could have never seen coming. I really believe our marriage is stronger (which we hope to model for you) and that we will be better parents because of this.

We just found out yesterday that you were growing inside of me. I'm still having a hard time believing it. It is so amazing to believe you are just hanging out in there and one day you will be mine to hold.

I love you so much already. It doesn't matter if you are a boy or girl, blond or  brunette, tall or short... I will always love you no matter what!

These next 8 months are going to be tough waiting for you. We will be praying for you the whole time. I can't wait to meet you, my little jelly bean!