Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

I can't believe it's Christmas Eve! The last few days have been full of fun!

On Wednesday (Dec 22) Jeff, my sis, and myself made a trip to the Galleria. We got to have dinner next to the GIANT Christmas tree and the ice skating rink. Then we headed to River Oaks to look at Christmas lights. (This is a VERY upscale neighborhood in Houston with houses the size of hotels!)

This lighted tree was outside the country club and we were in complete awe!

My photography skills aren't so great but this was also outside of the country club and it was was tons of lights streaming down from trees. Gorgeous!

This house was amazing! There was life-size Santa and sleigh. Tons of people were walking through the yard and we were like "What?" Then we realized around front the owner was dressed as Santa and people were stopping to have their picture taken with him. How sweet!

I think Jeff was driving as I took this pic, but you get the point ;)

After all our light looking, we went home and watched Home Alone... one of Jeff's all time favorites!

Thursday (Dec 23) is a very special day... it's my Hubby's birthday! We celebrated by having dinner at Saltgrass with the family and then back to our house for Jeff's favorite dessert... my homemade chocolate and white chocolate swirl  chip cookies!

Not to toot my own horn, but YUMMY!

After everyone left, except of course my wonderful sis, we watched Home Alone 2, which I think Jeff actually likes even better than the first one.

Now to today! It's Christmas Eve! I L-O-V-E Christmas Eve! We started some really fun Christmas Eve traditions a few years back and I really look forward to them.

First, we go to the Christmas Eve service as a family (My parents and sis and Jeff's parents and bro... and sometimes my aunt and uncle). Then we go back to my parents' house for a delicious Mexican dinner. We came up with this nontraditional Christmas Eve meal because on Christmas day you get so much traditional food that it's nice to have something different. My mom makes the most amazing cheese enchiladas and this year we're doing a taco bar with all the fixin's. I had a hard time in the past figuring out what type of dessert to make but then last year my friend, Brigid, gave me a sopapilla cheesecake recipe that is to die for! So I think that is a new staple for the meal. After dinner and dessert we hang out and talk and sometimes play games (I'm going to push for the games this year... my competitive side really enjoys it!)

Since my sister and I were very little, another part of our Christmas Eve tradition was that we always got to open ONE present... and that one present was ALWAYS pajamas! My Grammy started this tradition so that we would look nice in the Christmas morning pictures opening our presents. When she wasn't able to do it anymore, my parents took it over. Last year we started a new Christmas tradition that instead of spending tons of money and buying tons of Christmas presents, we would just play the White Elephant gift exchange. So I told my mom not to worry about buying the pajamas and that once the were grandkids, I wanted her to carry on the tradition with them. (That was pretty tough on her I think but I didn't want her to have to buy us presents and us not have anything to give in return) The great thing is, we will be able to start that tradition next year! (Which I think my mom is pretty stoked about :)

Once Jeff and I moved into our house (3.5 years ago) we started having Christmas morning at our house. It's so nice not to have to go a million places on Christmas. Luckily, our families get along great so we are able to celebrate all together! We make breakfast (I make pigs n' blankets, my mom makes something sweet like a crumb cake, Jeff's mom makes a breakfast casserole, and Mimi (Jeff's grandma) brings fresh fruit. After we chow down we play the white elephant gift exchange. I have a hard time with this game because I feel too mean stealing gifts but it's all in good fun.

Now I better get to work! I got pigs to roll in blankets and sopapilla cheesecake to bake! I'll leave you with a couple pics of our decor this year.

I finally ordered new stockings this year from Pottery Barn and I love them!

This is our tree... well one of them. We normally put up multiple trees in different sizes but this year I decided to be simple.

My favorite part of our tree this year are the bubble lights. Bubble lights are from the 70's so they're not that easy to find but my Uncle Andy picked them up for us in a small town last year after Christmas. They give the tree so much life!

Merry Christmas!!! May we all enjoy time with family celebrating the birth of our Savior!!!

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  1. Merry Christmas, Katie! I hope you had a fantastic time celebrating with family!