Monday, March 19, 2012

Hollyn is Eight Months Today!

My baby is becoming quite the big girl... she's eight months today! {3/19/12... I'm a little late posting this}

Let's see what you've been up to...

At your eight month check up you weighed 18lbs (you actually went down to the 50th %), You are 27.5in long (you went also went down in length to the 75th %) and your head is 42cm (stayed in the 10th %).

You have become quite the proficient waver. If you're in the mood you will wave at everyone we pass. (Below: at the mall with Aunt Kristy)

You are starting to like to feed yourself your finger foods and you are getting good with your pincer fingers.

IHOP had free pancake day so we went with Aunt Kristy and you had your first taste of pancake... and of course you loved it!

Mommy and Daddy took you to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

You love your baby dolls and you say "ba-ba" for them. (You also love to say dog ("Da"). You can say "ma-ma" but you prefer to say "da-da"... not fair.)

You started signing "more" this month. This video is one of the first times you did it and since then you have gotten really good at signing "more"... especially since you think it means "give me what I want now!" (when a toy is out of reach you sign "more" so I will give it to you!)

You LOVE dancing! The second you hear any music or someone sings to you, you start dancing. You also started clapping and you like to clap to the music.

Your two bottom teeth have come in and are so cute! (I finally got a pic!)

You went swinging at the park for the first time and had a blast. (At first you laughed really hard... I guess it was funny to you :)

You give the best kisses! (I'll have to try to catch this on tape next month)

The weather has been nice enough to go on some walks and you really seem to enjoy them.

Look at those legs!!!

You love having your teeth brushed!

You like to play the yelling game as we call it. (We make a sound and you copy and then we go back and forth.)

What a princess!
You started reaching for us when you want to be picked up (I'm pretty sure you started this this month but it could have started last month.)

You got sick again this month and it was so sad. I wasn't really sure what was wrong with you... that is until you passed your sickness on to me and your aunt. I truly felt your pain. It was a sickness full of aches, chills and a horribly sore throat.

"Mommy I don't feel good."
Daddy appropriately dressed you for St. Patty's day... I was very impressed!


Mmm... feet!

You are just the best blessing ever and sometimes I just can't even believe that God gave you to us. We love you so stinkin' much!