Monday, October 31, 2011

October, I Will Miss Thee

I L-O-V-E October! I really think it's the best month (even though my hubby, with horrible allergies, would beg to differ). Why??? Well...

Pumpkin patches!

Mellowcreme pumpkins :)

Fall festivals

It finally starts getting cold down here in Houston! (Which means out come the winter clothes!)

Cute babies dressed in costumes

Trick-or-treating... which I now get to do again! (a great reason to have a baby ;)


of course, my birthday!!! ;)

Good bye October! You will be missed! See you again next year! Hello November!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hollyn is Three Months Old Today!

Seriously?!?! Three months?!?! It's sad how fast time goes by but also so amazing to watch you grow!

Let's see what you've been up to...

At your three month check up you weighed 12lbs 11oz (50-75th %), 24.5in long (90th %), and your head was 38.5cm around (10th %). And no shots this month!!!

I nurse you 6 times a day, about every 3 hours (except at night). I was so worried about "nipple confusion" in the beginning that I insisted on no more bottles once you gained enough weight back to stop supplementing your feedings (which was at 2 weeks). Kinda back fired on me... now you refuse to take a bottle which isn't a big deal except for when Grammy and Grandpop watch you and I have to race home to a hungry (screaming) baby. Makes it hard (impossible) for me to go anywhere for more than a couple of hours... but this precious, little face is worth the sacrifice :)

This face makes my heart melt :)

I knew you were so close... and I was just dying to hear it... and today you did it!!! You laughed your little heart out! :)

You are so over pacifiers. You won't take one at all anymore! But you adore your lovies. You like to chew and suck on them (which kinda grosses me out, but hey, whatever floats your boat ;)

Working on your modesty ;)
You have discovered your voice and you love to talk to us.

You are starting to enjoy your tummy time a little more.

I had to get a tushi shot :)

You love sitting up. You can't sit up by yourself yet, of course, but when I lay you on your back you try to do a sit up.

11 Weeks
You wore your first pair of jeans this month.

10 Weeks

You love the Baby Bjourn carrier. You look around in amazement at everything... and then often pass out like this.

Shopping with mommy
We took you to your first high school football game and you did pretty good... of course mommy was a little stressed with all the loud noises and the tight space.

It's a dad life ;)
You are such a happy little girl!

Ready for Halloween
You wore your first pair of flip flops... what cute little tootsies!

You like to play in your jumper...

and you've already discovered how to push the buttons because, well, you're a genius! ;)

I took you to your first baby shower (well, outside of the womb ;) and you partied til you dropped!

Right after 2 months we decided it was time for you to start sleeping in your own crib in your room so we got you this fancy mobile. On an average night, I feed you between 7-8, give you your bath, have a little play time and then put you down for bed. You will typically fall asleep with little fussing watching your mobile. Then I feed you again around 10:30 (while you're still sleeping) and you sleep until 7:00 (and sometimes later! I actually had to wake you up at 9:00am once because you were still sleeping!)

You are such a good baby! I think we are definitely spoiled! At the very least, extremely blessed to have you in our lives. You make each day exciting. We love you, Holly Bug!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tae Bo with Billy Blanks!

Today I had the most amazing opportunity... I took a Tae Bo class from Billy Blanks himself! I've been taking Tae Bo classes at the YMCA for a few years now and I just love it. It is a crazy hard work out but fun at the same time. The instructor, Hiro, was one of the first certified Tae Bo instructors and has been in Billy's videos. Hiro had arranged for Billy to come to the Perry YMCA and teach Tae Bo classes. The tickets were only $20 and the money goes to his foundation, Tae Bo for the Troops.

The class was an hour and a half and a good challenge.

After the class Billy talked to us for a while about goals.

If you look close, I'm sitting in the back with the lavender tank top :)

Unfortunately, I had to leave early because I had a hungry baby (who refuses to take a bottle ;) waiting on me so I didn't get a picture with Billy or an autograph but it was still an awesome day :)