Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

I thought I'd share the pics from our Christmas.

Christmas Eve dinner at my parents:

The spread! Yum!

36+ years of marriage and still got it :)

The family

Say cheese enchiladas!

My sopapilla cheesecake

The men watching football/Santa Clause is Coming to Town
Christmas morning at our house:

The coffee and sweets... somehow I forget to take a pic of the breakfast counter.

All the White Elephant gifts under the tree

My mom and dad

My sis and my pups

Mom got #1 in the White Elephant. Her first gift was some candles with an Olive Garden gift card.

Pop Pop got a foot massager and back massager

Had to throw in this adorable pic of my Aunt Ali with Hankie

Billy (Jeff's dad) got a heated blanket

Kristy got a food proccessor

Mimi picked a gift she brought which was a men's wallet. She wanted it for Pop Pop... very sweet.

Uncle Andy also picked his own gift which was a Christmas decoration

And to continue the theme, Jeff opened one of the gifts we bought, a digital picture frame

Alison got some fancy flashlights

Jeremy (Jeff's bro) stole the picture frame

So Jeff opened another one of our gifts which was chocolates and a Carrabas gift card (My favorite!)

Jeff was taking an action shot here

I got more chocolates and an Outback gift card which is also good at Carrabas!

Pixie (Jeff's mom) got a cute purse

Dad stole the flashlights (which he brought)

Ali stole my gift :(  but then I ended up with a candle with a Chili's gift card... also good at Maggianos! (Score!)

Bubby love!

After some good fun, most everyone went to their next stop. Jeff, my sis and I rested and watched the Santa Clause.

The boys love their aunt!

My parents came back over and my mom cooked Christmas dinner. Jeff's mom and grandma ended up coming back over as well and we had a delicious dinner together. Then we played a game of Outburst and called it a night. What a day!


  1. Cheaters! You're not supposed to pick the gift that you brought! :)

    Glad you guys had a good Christmas. Love the pics.

  2. So your "White Elephant" sounds a lot like our "Dirty Santa" and our gifts are never that good!!! I'd suggest it more often if so, but generally people bring *cough* less than appropriate gifts. And who wants a pair of ginormous lace thongs for Christmas? Not this girl. Hahaha!!