Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's Raining Babies???

Baby Shower #1

I'm a little late posting this. We had our first baby shower for Hollyn a few of Saturdays ago. (May 7). I wanted to make this shower co-ed/family friendly so Jeff could be a part of one (And I think co-ed showers are becoming more popular). So we made it less girly by having it at a park and grilling hot dogs... manly food ;)

We had a great turn out and it was so wonderful to get to celebrate this amazing blessing with our friends.

The spread... mmmm!

A beautiful diaper cake made by Kelsey

Kelsey made these adorable blessing trees for people to right advice and words of encouragement.

Jeff's sweet grandma (Marti) lives close to the Jelly Belly factory in Cali so she ordered us tons of "It's a Girl!" jelly beans. So sweet!

The cake... "For this child I have prayed." 1 Sam 1:27


Yes, that is my best friend, Kelsey, who had her emergency c-section just 4 days prior and released from the hospital just the day before the shower... crazy girl! :)

Jeff getting some good practice.

Present time!

My awesome friend Trina made this for Hollyn...

and this...

and this! (As well as an adorable pillowcase dress!)

Ok, this is a play by play of me opening part of Kelsey's gift to Hollyn. Normally I wouldn't post pics of me making stupid faces but the truth is, baby stuff just brings the faces out!

Kelsey had special ordered some handmade items from one of our friends who has an Etsy shop. (Sweettulipsboutique)

There was also a burp cloth and travel wet wipe case with "Hollyn" embroidered on them.

Ain't that the truth! ;)

Our friends (and parents... and my sis)!
A very special thank you to all our friends and family for making this such a special day! We love you all!

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