Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Big Reveal

It's finally time for the big reveal! I've been slowly putting little Hollyn's nursery together and I didn't want to post any pics until it was complete... and, well, for a perfectionist, that takes time. (And honestly, there's still a few things I want to add)

The nursery is extra special to me because majority of the things in her room were some how handmade/installed/refinished by either myself, my mom, my hubby, or my dad.

The tour:

Entering her room. The floors were installed by Jeff and my dad.

Her beautiful crib, purchased special for her by her Aunt Kristy :)

My mom made the bedding (and I must say she did an AMAZING job!)

This is a picture I made for the nursery. I knew I wanted this verse in her room (1 Samuel 1:27) so Kelsey helped me come up with this idea and I love it!

Ok, so this chair may not be the cutest for a nursery but it is so comfortable. Plus it reclines :) (My mom is working on a pillow and blanket to match the bedding which will spruce it up a bit)

I found the lamp base and shade separately and then just bedazzled the shade a little bit. We found the table for $10 on Craigslist and I just refinished it to match the dresser... cheap and easy... gotta love it!

I found this wall sconce at Z Gallerie and fell in love. It was actually bright white so I spray painted it ivory to match better.

My mom also made the valance :) (We may eventually add a curtain too because it still gets pretty bright in her room.

I found this dollhouse at a garage sale (for $10!) and just refinished it. Turned out to be a great decorative storage space.

Jeff hung these shelves which proved to be a bit of a challenge. I spray painted the dress form ivory to match and then made a tutu for it. (But I plan on making more)

The dresser was also a piece I got off Craigslist and refinished.

I found this mirror at a garage sale (for $5!) and just spray painted it to match... it's amazing what a little spray paint can do ;)

(One thing missing is her growth chart. This momma has been tired and busy. Promise to post a pic once it's finished.)

 Hope you enjoyed the tour! I can't wait until Hollyn gets to see it :)


  1. Omg!! I LOVE it!! I want a room like that for myself! :) and what a beautiful name! How cute was that dollhouse!! Great job :)

    Ps. I totally need to look into garage sales!!

  2. I love it, you did such a great job! I love, love, love the Hollyn artwork. I will be back for instructions when I have a baby growing in this belly :)

  3. Oh it's gorgeous, lady! Great job!!!

  4. The room looks amazing! What an excitIng for both of you! You have an eye for interior decorating Katie. Nice work!! - Magda Gwosdz

  5. I lov that room the mirror is my fav part. Its sweet that ur family help with the room.

  6. Thanks everyone for the nice words :)

    Diana, definitely check out garage sales, just be patient. We normally hit 20 junk sales to one good sale but it's worth it.

    W&W, I promise the pic wasn't that hard... when the time comes, I will definitely give you the instructions :)