Tuesday, June 21, 2011

8 Months!

It's hard to believe... but today is officially 8 months!

35 Weeks

Scale: has gone up a total of 23 lbs. (1 lb this month)

Belly growth: Gained 8.5 inches total. (0.5 inches this month)

Jonesin' for: Since my diagnosis with Gestational Diabetes, this really doesn't matter. I eat a very strict diet so even if I do have cravings for good stuff I can't have it anyways. Boo.

Repulsed by: I'm really not having any unusual repulsions lately.

Symptoms:  Back pain, swelling, pelvic pain, calve cramps... check! All still there! Newer symptoms: the WORST acid reflux I have ever experienced! I've never had a problem getting heartburn from spicy foods but just eating pepperoni gives me instant heart burn! It's usually the worst at night and makes me extremely nauseous. Also, I have one very active little girl dancing around in my belly! The nurses always ask about the baby's activity because they would be concerned if I wasn't feeling much... I always assure them that this is not the case with this little girl... I was actually concerned that she was moving too much! Ha! (Apparently not a concern :) As exciting as it is to feel and watch her move, it's gotten to the painful point. She really likes to knee me in my right side and it tends to catch me off guard. And one of her favorites is to push her legs into my lungs and ribs (You don't need to breathe mom).  At 34 weeks, I actually experienced my first (that I know of) Braxton Hicks. It freaked me out! I didn't think Braxton Hicks were suppose to be painful and, well, let me assure you these were. Luckily, I had my doctor's appointment the same day and was able to discuss this with the doctor who assured me it was just my body preparing for the really stuff.

Clothes: I'm only wearing maternity bottoms or bottoms with elastic waists. And I wear a combo of maternity tops and FEW regular tops that are just longer... but the regular tops have to be MUCH longer to work. (I've been sleeping in Jeff's T-shirts because mine weren't cutting it).

Bedtime: The exhaustion is back and I prefer to be in bed no later than 9:00.

*Hollyn Faith* is: about 13 1/4 inches long head to rump and 20 1/4 inches in total length. She weighs about 5 1/2 lbs. (This is all according to the book)

Fun Fact: My doctor has mentioned before not letting me go past 40 weeks but at my last doctor's appointment (at 34 weeks) he mentioned inducing at 39 weeks. Apparently, with gestational diabetes the placenta starts to deteriorate sooner which is why he would consider inducing. But it's important not to induce too early because gestational diabetes also causes the baby's lungs to develop slower. So this could mean Hollyn being here in 4 weeks! (WOW!)

I have to say the gestational diabetes has been very stressful and I was panicked that I would have to go on insulin. The doctor started me on oral meds (Glumetza) at 30 weeks but my sugar was still running too high so he upped the dose at 32 weeks and thankfully it seems to be doing the trick.


  1. Hollyn's birthday is getting close, and I am getting very excited. What a wonderful day that will be when I can see my first great grandchild. I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around that. I don't feel old enough for that. Am I Grandmimi, or Great Grandmimi, or what?

  2. Looking good Mama! You are getting so close to meeting that sweet little girl of yours :)

  3. Mimi, you can be called whatever you like :) I'm thinking Great Mimi!

    And thank you W & W! :)