Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beach Day with the Girls

I really wasn't sure how well me and Hollyn would do in the sweltering heat, but we braved it and went to the beach with some of the girls in my CCCC high school group (Plus my sister and Trina (the other leader) and her two boys). It ended up being perfect! Kayti brought a tent so I spent a lot of time in the shade with a nice breeze that kept it cool.

Ready to go!

Kris and me

We found the absolute perfect spot where we could park on the beach for free... minus the seaweed. But the girls cut us a path :)
Sooo... ya... I did it... at 36 weeks pregnant I decided to just go for it... less because of self confidence and more because I'm cheap and I didn't want to waste money on a maternity bathing suit.

If nothing else, it makes me laugh!

Our set up

Kayti and Maegan

Trina and her boys

The girls made a "sand Katie" complete with the pop-out belly button and all :)

Bailey, Kayti, and me

Christian, Trina, and Carter

So after a fun day I came home to wash the sand and salt off and I was impressed by the lack of tan lines... a pat on the back for being so responsible and protecting my skin... well... until I got out of the shower to discover this...

And a left leg to match! Seriously!?! How does this happen?!?! ...Well, I can take a guess. I used SPF lotion on my face, neck, chest, and shoulders (I'm afraid if I get any more sun on those areas I'm going to look all old and leathery!). But I used spray lotion everywhere else. And it didn't feel so great on my freshly shaved legs so I cheated a little. Lesson learned.

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  1. What a BEAUTIFUL pregnant belly! And ouch on the sunburn...probably didn't help that I'm betting you couldn't really see how evenly you were applying. ;)