Friday, July 1, 2011

Holly Bug

Many people who have known Jeff (my hubby) for a while know that he is a really talented athlete. But what a lot of people don't know is that he has a gift for music too. When we first started dating he played the guitar a lot and actually wrote me a song <3 Well, life got busy and he really hasn't played it much in years... until now. He's recently had an increased desire to pick it up again and while playing around, he wrote a song for our daughter, Hollyn, or Holly Bug, as he likes to call her.

We wanted to have it recorded for our baby girl so she would have it for the rest of her life. It just so happens that we are so blessed to have a close friend, Luis, who is a professional... ummm... music recorder??? Not really sure what you call it, but he's amazingly talented and has a whole studio in his house.

So Jeff recorded the song with the help of our friend Luis and put it on a website where you can buy it and save it to your iTunes. Here are the "album notes" (which totally made me cry) and the link where you can preview/buy the song. (Thank you, honey, for doing this for our daughter! I love you!)

"I am a sinner who has been captivated by the grace of the cross of Jesus Christ. God has turned my filthy rags into His righteousness; not because I deserve it but because He loves me. This is the background of this song: My wife and I had struggled for a year to get pregnant and we would pray to God every night for Him to graciously bless us with a child. He has answered and we are supposed to become parents this July (2011). This song is for our daughter on the way, Hollyn Faith, who has been given the nickname "Holly Bug" by her Daddy. It is a simple song but in actuality, love is a simple thing. God, through pure grace, has given us the most precious gift in the world and we want her to know that the three most influential people in her life love her: her mommy, her daddy & her Jesus. I hope you enjoy this song for our Holly Bug."

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