Thursday, March 31, 2011

5 Months!

I can't believe it's been 5 months! (23 weeks)

Scale: has gone up a total of 14 lbs. (4 lbs this month)

Belly growth: Gained 8 inches total (2 this month)

Jonesin' for: I've recently started having cravings for healthier things like salads and carrots dipped in ranch (not that the ranch dressing is healthy). Of course I still dig me some Chick-fil-a nuggets and fries :)

Repulsed by: I'm really not having any unusual repulsions lately.

Symptoms:  I do have more energy in the second trimester and the constant trips to the bathroom have slowed some (at least I seem to make it through most nights which is awesome). But my skin has only gotten worse. Totally annoying since you can only use regular face wash when you're pregnant. The back pain still comes and goes, usually more prevalent at the end of the day.

Clothes: I'm only wearing maternity bottoms or bottoms with elastic waists. I've given up on the rubber band and belly band techniques with regular bottoms because my pants would always seem to slide down. I wear a combo of maternity tops and regular tops that are just longer.

Bedtime: I can stay up later but I still prefer to be in bed early.

*Hollyn Faith* is: about 8 inches long (head to rump, according to the book) and, at our last doctor's appointment, (March 21) she weighed 1 lb 1 oz!(The size of a small baby doll :)

Fun Fact: Hollyn is a very active baby. I feel her move all the time now... day and night! I'm starting to think she may never sleep! It is so amazing to feel the strong kicks but also so bizarre! Her movements are so strong now that I am starting to SEE them! Sometimes she pushes a foot or elbow or something against my stomach and you can see it sticking out! So funny! I wouldn't say her movements are strong enough to really hurt or anything but there are definitely times when she pushes just right and it takes my breath away. I guess it's just uncomfortable... but totally worth it!

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