Friday, March 4, 2011

A Prayer for Hollyn

As we anxiously await the arrival of our baby girl we can't help but wonder what she will be like. Of course we ponder what she will look like but even more so, who she will be. What will her personality be like? What characteristics will she have? In what ways will God use her? Who will she marry? We have very little control over most of this however there is one very important thing we can do, starting now, that will help her for a life time. Pray. Jeff and I have composed the following prayer so we can be diligent in praying for her and we would love for our friends and family to join us in praying this prayer.

Lord, we pray for baby Hollyn growing in my womb. We pray first and foremost for her salvation. That you would save her and for her to have a strong relationship with you. And a heart to serve you.

Lord, we pray for Hollyn's health and safety, for a healthy pregnancy and for a safe delivery for both her and her mommy. We pray for the doctors and nurses caring for her (and mommy) while in the womb and during the delivery to be wise and skilled.

Lord, we pray for wisdom as parents to lead her in a Godly way. To model a relationship with you and a Godly marriage. To teach her to make wise choices. To be firm when we need to be firm and to show grace when we need to show grace.

Lord, we pray for her to be joyful always. Throughout her whole life; from infant through adulthood, because she finds her joy in you first.

Lord, we pray for her childhood. That she be blessed with good Godly friends from a young age. That she has the wisdom to know right from wrong and to make the right decisions. We pray for her schooling, that she has good teachers and excels in her classes.

Lord, we pray for her teenage years. That she is able to resist peer pressures and make choices that would honor you. We pray for her (and her future husband's) sexual purity. That she would honor you with her body and treat it as the temple it is.

Lord, we pray for her college years. We pray that she continues to honor you with her choices.And we pray that you guide her down the path you want her to take.

Lord, we pray for her future husband and her future marriage. We pray you bring her a husband who follows you first and then leads her. We pray he loves her with all his heart but loves you more. We pray he cherishes her. We pray their marriage honors you and you bless their marriage.

Lord, we pray for her future family and the generations to come. We pray for hearts that are on fire for you.

Lord, we feel so blessed that you have brought this baby girl to us. Thank you for this privilege. We love you!


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