Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time Well Wasted

Ok, so I haven't been doing the best job at blogging. I don't know how it is possible but somehow I feel more busy now than when I was working 50 hour weeks and commuting all over Houston (and further!). Let me assure you, this is a much better busy. I would say my time has been well wasted.

So here's what I've been up to... (another words, here's my list of excuses why I haven't been blogging regularly ;)

I'm actually not completely unemployed. I've been subbing at my church's preschool a couple days a week and I'm really enjoying it. Plus it's nice to feel like I'm still contributing to our finances... even if it is a tiny contribution.

Of course, a side affect of being around a bunch of snotty-nosed, under 5 year olds is germs! I can't entirely blame the kiddos, but I somehow caught the worst stomach virus ever and I'm not sure where else it could have come from. I woke up around 5:00 AM two Saturdays ago thinking I had eaten too many sweets or that my morning sickness was back but as it progressed, I quickly learned it was a virus. I'll leave out the details but it did get so bad that I had to call the doctor to get an anti-nausea medicine. (I have to include that I threw up 14 times in 9 hours because, well, it may be TMI but I still find it impressive!)

It took me a while to fully recover from the bug but thankfully last week was spring break which means my sister was off (she's a teacher). So we spent pretty much the whole week together. It was so nice to have that quality time together. We went shopping, had some lunch dates, and spent one day at the rodeo. (We went to the rodeo a lot as kids so it's very nostalgic for us). I've also been working on a lot of projects so it was so nice to have her help as well.

That brings me to my next thing, I've been juggling a ton of projects! So fun but a lot of work! Since my last growth chart post I've made 4 more (well a couple are still in progress. I'll post pics soon). I've also been working on the decorations and gifts for Kelsey's baby shower this weekend. But here's a few pics of projects for Hollyn's nursury that are completed:

I made Hollyn a hair bow holder...

And bows to go on it!

I just bought the flower, removed the stem, hot glued the gem on the front and the hair clip on the back with some ribbon to secure it.

I actually found this lamp at Garden Ridge and the shade at Marshall's (for $5!) and just bedazzled it a little bit :)

My biggest project so far (and the one I'm most proud of) is Hollyn's dresser. I found this solid wood dresser on Craigslist for $140.

It was a very beautiful dresser but once you took a closer look, it had its flaws.

So, I sanded it, painted it a greenish blue (spearmint from Sherwin Williams), and then antiqued it by painting a coat of brown paint and quickly wiping it off. Lastly, I added new hardware (for about $60) and twa-la!

So anyways, there's my excuses :)


  1. I love all your crafty stuff! Can't wait to see Hollyn's room completed!!

    P.S. That lamp is stunning. :)