Monday, April 4, 2011

The Name

So many people have been asking me how Jeff and I came up with the name Hollyn so I thought I would share how we found this sweet name.

I would say Jeff and I are both very picky when it comes to baby names. We both like original names. I can't speak for Jeff (although his name is common) but for me it stems from having such a common name for my generation. (I probably graduated with like 10 Katies!) I wanted my son or daughter to have an original name... but of course not something as wild as Apple! (No offense if your kid's name is Apple :)

Shortly after we found out we were pregnant, we started our baby name list. Of course, our selectiveness combined with difficulty agreeing on things was making it pretty tough to come to a decision. Surprisingly, we were able to agree on a few names that we both liked, mostly girl names. But honestly, there really weren't any sure winners.

We had both liked the name Holly but, for me, it was too short. One thing I've learned while talking with different people about baby names is that people either love or hate nicknames. I personally love nicknames! I find them endearing. (Sure, I'm probably a little biased considering my name is Kathryn and I go by Katie or Kate... and my sister's name is Kristen and she goes by Kristy or Kris). But I like the idea of having a proper "grown up" name (not that I hardly ever go by Kathryn) and nicknames. I guess I like having options. So needless to say, I just wasn't completely sold on Holly.

One day Kelsey told me she had found a name she thought I would like on a blog... Hollyn! I fell in love with it! Original, plus Holly would work as a nickname! The best part was that Jeff loved it too.

The middle name was surprisingly easy. We've always liked Grace for a middle name but I was pretty sure Hollyn's best friend was going to be Harper Grace. So Jeff threw the name Faith out there and we both loved it!

So that was that. Hollyn Faith Norman.

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  1. I feel the same way about "grown up" names! My Brady is really a Braden (although he probably doesn't even know it yet) and I actually regret it now b/c it makes things very confusing (insurance, doctor's appointments, schools) since we've never called him Braden. However, our Zachary is a Zachary and people just feel free to call him Zach all the time!! :)

    Anyway - I love the name Hollyn and I always said that if I had a girl her middle name would either be Faith or Grace! :) Very cute!!