Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Sprinkle for Harper

This past Saturday was so much fun. I had mentioned that I had been working on some projects for Kelsey's baby shower... well, "Sprinkle." (She was concerned about having a baby shower with a second child... especially since it was so soon after Harrison. But myself, her friend Ashley, and her mom all insisted. so to ease Kelsey's worries we called it a Sprinkle :)

The Sprinkle was so fun and girly! We had it at the Texas Tea Room in Friendswood. The tearoom atmosphere combined with our added decor made it so beautiful.

The best part of the decorations is that they are multifunctional!

The pom-poms are actually tutus.

And the flowers are hair bows!

Kelsey's sister-in-law, Tracye, made the cake. Not only was it gorgeous but it was delicious too!

The guest of honor with the hostesses.

I had to take advantage of us being dressed up and get a double belly shot!

The food was very yummy.

After brunch and cake Kelsey opened her presents and I must say, Harper scored quite the loot! Girl stuff is so fun!

Here are the other homemade gifts I made for Harper.

A growth chart...

And a hair bow holder.

Once the shower was over we went to Kelsey's to organize all the goodies. Poor Harrison. Until the girls get here, he's our only baby to dress up so...

I must say, he was really interested in the tutu until I put it on him.

I'm sure these will be good blackmail pictures one day ;)

We relaxed the rest of the afternoon by watching a movie... which turned out to be horrible. One of those where you keep watching because you figure after investing an hour into it you need to see how it ends. But really, we didn't. It was dumb and pointless from beginning to end.

Still, it was nice to sit and do nothing.

Since Kelsey's MIL was staying with her we took advantage of the free babysitter and went and had a nice dinner at Birraporetti's and then went and had milkshakes for dessert. A great ending to a great day.

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  1. Great day, indeed!! Thank you SO much for everything. Not only are my kiddos spoiled rotten, but I think it's safe to say that I've got it pretty good as well :)

    Can't wait for yours!!!!!!