Thursday, September 2, 2010

The PeRfEcT Plan

So, now that we’re up to speed, it’s September 2009 (pretend with me) and Jeff and I had been married for just over 3 years, we both have degrees and good jobs and a house and been on our share of vacations. 

Eureka Springs, AR (honeymoon 2006)
Cruise to Cozumel 2007
Napa, CA 2008
Broken Bow, OK 2009
Las Vegas, NV 2009

You know what that means, right? Time to talk baby! Of course, I had brought this conversation up many times… that’s the planner in me. But Jeff, wasn’t really interested in the conversation. He would have his moments where he would be interested and those moments would be quickly followed by complete disinterest in having babies at all! (Which goes hand in hand with my husband’s non-planning, fly by the seat of his pants personality… God must have a sense of humor the way he puts opposites together like this!) 

It’s okay, I had it all planned out… we were going to start “trying” in January of 2010, get pregnant right away (of course, right?), and the baby would be born in October of 2010 which I thought would be the perfect birthday, 1) Because, speaking as someone with an October birthday, it’s a pretty awesome birthday month and there’s advantages to being one of the oldest in your class, 2) How awesome would it be to have a birthday in 2010! What a perfectly even number! (no OCD here), and 3) we would have all our debt paid off. (Yes, I had it all calculated out). So, really, it was just a matter of convincing Jeff to get on board.

I’m not sure if it was the car accident or our best friends being pregnant, or a combo, but Jeff came home one day after work, sits on the couch next me and says “I want a baby, NOW.” What? I had to laugh! This was comical. I proceeded to ask my husband what caused the sudden interest. Was something said at work? I tried to just laugh it off and tell him he would change his mind in a day (just like he always does), but he was persistent! He insisted that he was seriously ready. 

The conversion continued something like this: Jeff: “Yes, I am.” Me: “No, you are not.” (repeated multiple times) then followed by Jeff taking my birth control out of my purse and threatening to destroy it, me chasing him around the house and eventually throwing my shoe at him. (Don’t worry, the shoe was fine :) At this point we were laughing pretty hard. 

I retrieved my bc and we tried to have a more civilized conversation. I did not want to start “trying” then because, hello, it did not follow my perfectly outlined “plan.” After much discussion, it was decided that I would (hesitantly) stop taking the bc, let it get out of my system, and then officially start trying after my birthday (October 31). So, the next month and a half was filled with Jeff attempting to move up our “start trying” date and me refusing (because the very first time we try, I will definitely get pregnant, of course). I wanted to make it to my birthday, turn 24 (seemed like a good age to get pregnant) and fully enjoy my 24th birthday party.

And I did.

My 24th birthday/Halloween Party

Now it was time! OMG! How exciting! But of course I didn’t want to tell anyone (well, other than my best friend) because it would be super cool to surprise everyone! Like maybe on Thanksgiving or Christmas. (Ya, I had that part planned out too)

So 40 days go by. Pregnancy test, negative and no monthly visit from “Aunt Flow.” Okay, the bc is just not all out of my system. That’s okay. I got my visit and round 2 here we go! Christmas came and went with a series of negative tests and no “monthly visit.” 

What the heck!?!?! Now, I’m talking like 90 days with no “visit” and still negative results. This just doesn’t make sense! For sure, the tests just aren’t working and I am definitely pregnant, right? (I’ve heard of this happening)
I’ll just go to the doctor and get everything checked out to be safe. He’ll run the test and say “You’re 3 months pregnant!”