Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Good Friend Will Stab You

If you know me well enough, you know I'm pretty terrified of needles (well at least them poking me... they can poke other people all day and I'm cool with that). So when my good friend (and coworker), Jessica, brought me her extra blood glucose monitor today (which is something I've been needing to get), I was very appreciative, but also scared like a 5 year old because I knew she would make me follow through.

And she did. That's the awesome thing about great friends. When you can't stab yourself, they really step up. (There is just something about inflicting pain on myself that I can't quite grasp) And yes I know it is a tiny needle. But I'm scared of the tiny ones too.

So with my eyes closed and head turned (seriously), Jess took my blood sugar. I'll be honest, my anxiety was way worse than the needle prick. So if I can do it (well, let Jessica do it), anyone can do it!

Jessica has been a big help with all the stuff I have been going through. Part of her help comes in advice for dealing with my insulin resistance. Since her 7 year old daughter was diagnosed withType I Diabetes last year, she has really learned a lot and has been able to inform me as well. (Despite her daughter only being 7, she inspires me. Needles and carb counting are a constant part of her everyday and she handles it all like a champ.) Of course the best part is just having a wonderful, supportive and caring friend! Thanks Jess for everything! (Including making me bleed!)


  1. ~~me tearing up~~~
    AAhhhh, you are so sweet. Anytime you need stabbing you know I'll be here. Regardless if its an epi pen or a lancet device- I'm prepared with my needle.

  2. Yes, thank you J Momma. I have been trying to get her to do that for months. Thanks for the support you give her.

  3. If for some reason, it would be beneficial to shoot you, and I was willing, would that make me a better friend than Jessica?

  4. Like if I ever wear sandals with socks? Yes, I think that would make you a better friend. Way to step it up!