Monday, September 6, 2010

Dr. Wonderful

Prior to our date night (ref previous post), Jeff had been talking with a coworker who happened to be at his location (which is rare) and he mentioned my new diagnosis. Shockingly, she had PCOS too! (What are the chances?!?!) Not only was she able to offer some advice and encouragement, but she recommended an amazing doctor, Dr. Wheeler. He is a reproductive endocrinology-infertility (REI) and OB/GYN who specializes in PCOS.

Jeff talked me into making an appointment and I was scheduled to be seen within a few days (amazing for a doctor's office, right?)

I had no idea what to expect but it couldn't be much worse than my last doctor's visit. So Jeff and I commuted downtown, had a short wait and into Dr. Wheeler's office we went where he talked with us for over an hour. Now, this is unheard of! A doctor who will literally talk (and listen) to you for any amount of time let alone an hour!

And to top it off, he is personable, funny, and probably the most intelligent person I've ever met. Not to mention, extremely intuitive. After talking to Jeff and I for only a few moments, he had both our personalities pegged and knew how to relate to us accordingly.

Dr. Wheeler was pretty impressed with my prior doctor's diagnosis. Apparently, I am not the typical case which makes me more difficult to diagnose. (PCOS is more predominant in darker skinned, darker eyed, overweight women, which I am not) He went on to explain to us that this diagnosis and treatment more than likely saved my life. (Now here's a praise Jesus moment!) 

Dr. Wheeler also offered so much hope! I believe his statistics (which he should know, he's also a statistician) were 90% of women with PCOS get pregnant with treatment of Metformin and 80% within the first year! Now this sounds a lot better than "you're stuck!"

Jeff and I left the doctor's office grinning from ear to ear... which was a pretty big change from our previous experiences. We felt so comforted by Dr. Wheeler and blessed to have found him!

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