Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I may be a week late but at least it's still November, barely, but still. I wanted to take a moment and post some pics from Hollyn's first Thanksgiving. (To think, a year ago on this day we were telling extended family she was coming!)

We had a great Thanksgiving full of family, food, and fun!

My cousin Meg has hosted my mom's side's Thanksgiving for many years and this was the first Thanksgiving in her new house!  The house was beautiful and of course the food was delicious as always!

Hollyn getting some love from her Nana.

 Grandpop had the magic touch.

Nap time! The turkey does it every time ;)

Found this pic later... guess someone got a hold of my camera :)

All the women on my mom's side.

Later that evening we had another delicious Thanksgiving dinner at Jeff's parents' house.

"Oh, Grandpa Billy!"

Uncle Jeremy stealing some hugs.

Hollyn has become fascinated with all the dogs.

Brothers will always be brothers!

Bubby love!

Mimi and Pop Pop
A competitive game of Scrabble... intense!

On Friday we had a special "day after Thanksgiving" get together with my dad's extended family (his cousins and their kids) at our house. Unfortunately, we rarely see this side of the family. We are kind of spread out now and it's tough to get everyone together at one time. So dad's cousin Loree and myself have committed to trying to get the family together at least once a year.

Dad and his cousin Loree and cousin Robin.

Thankful for my fancy, fast camera! Caught ya, dad! :)

Jeff and Cohl jammin' out.


All the ladies...

And the men.

Can you tell whose not blood related??? Hehe! Sorry honey, I had to ;) Apparently, my dad's side is pretty tall.

What a wonderful couple of days celebrating all the many blessings we have to be thankful for with family (the best blessing of all)!

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