Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hollyn is Four Months Old Today!

 Despite my disbelief, you are four months old today!!!

Let's see what you've been up to...

My little turkey (outfit courtesy of Mommy :)

At your four month check up you weighed 14lbs., 25.25in long, and 39.25cm head circumference (Your percentiles stayed about the same). You had to get three shots (they were out of the fourth one you were suppose to get so your chubby thighs got spared an additional stab!) and one oral vaccine. When the nurse went to give you the oral vaccine I was like, "Oh, she won't take that. Let me get prepared with a burp cloth." So just to prove me wrong, you slurped that thing down! Apparently it's really sweet.

You've been sleeping through the night so well since you were a month old but this past month you started waking up in the middle of the night for a couple weeks... you seem to be back to sleeping through the night again... for now anyways... you like to keep me on my toes!

 You've started to like tummy time more.

And you do a good job pushing yourself up.

You love Hank... and he seems fond of you. You love to pull his soft, fluffy hair (that, I'm not sure he is so fond of).

You reach and grab your toys (as well as other things) and bring them to your mouth.

This looks interesting.

You still refuse to take a bottle! It's not like I want you to take it that often, it would just be nice for mommy and daddy to be able to leave you with Grammy and Grandpop for more than a couple of hours. But you are one stubborn little girl (no idea where you get that from ;). I've tried many different bottles and different nipples and you want nothing to do with any of them. You pretty much cry at the sight of a bottle. So you know what??? You win! I've decided to go straight to a sippy cup with a rubber spout. And you actually drank a few sips of water out of it!

You definitely have the strength to sit up but you are too wiggly to keep from falling over.
17 Weeks

You love to go shopping! (Just like mommy ;) You are pretty happy to ride in your stroller and look around but you really like to be in your Bjourn baby carrier. I think you are able to see more.

16 Week

You laugh a lot now and we love it... and quite frankly, we are willing to make complete fools out of ourselves for the chance to hear that sweet little giggle.

You are such a ham!

Strike a pose!

 You like your dangling bugs hanging from your carrier and you've learned to reach for them to make them jingle (I think you are really trying to rip them down to eat them ;)

15 Weeks
The doctor suggested starting solids so we did.

Your high chair is still a little big for you.
You had your first taste of cereal...

And peas...

And carrots (Which have been your favorite so far).

My little elf <3
You met your Great Grandma Marti for the first time this month! We had a great visit.

We visited a pumpkin patch for a cute photo op.

My pumpkin in a pumpkin patch.
You liked the Hollyn sized pumpkins :)

We took you to the Friendswood  Trick-or-Treat in the Park... didn't realize it was a very popular event! The crowds were a little much so we didn't stay very long.

You were a lady bug for Halloween (fitting since daddy calls you his Holly Bug).

And you went trick-or-treating with your friends (Well, daddy carried you and you passed out about halfway through).

14 Weeks

You started rolling from your tummy to your back a little before you were three months, but at first it seemed more like an accident. Then, the day after you turned three months we caught you in action!

This month you also started rolling from your back to your stomach and now you are a rolling machine!

You are just so much fun! We've really enjoyed how alert and active you've become this month! We are thankful for so many things this Thanksgiving season, but most of all, you! We love you little girl!

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