Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Biological Bonus

When my husband and I started dating 9 years ago (yesterday), I fell in love with his family. I loved the fact that he had a big (or at least bigger than mine) family.

One particularly cool aspect of his family is that his mom was adopted as a baby. While her adoptive parents are her mom and dad, she found her biological mom, Marti, when she was 30 and developed an amazing relationship with her. I think this is so cool and I tell Jeff he has a bonus grandma :)

Marti comes to visit about once a year and this year was extra special because she got to meet her first great granddaughter!

4 generations

We spent part of her visit enjoying the beautiful weather with a trip to the Pearland Town Center. It was a great visit full of love and laughter.

We love you, Marti and look forward to your next visit :)

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