Friday, January 28, 2011

New Doctor

Wednesday we went for our 14 week appointment with our new doctor. I was nervous. There is always that fear that something will be wrong but on top of that, I was afraid I might not like the new doctor (considering how much I loved Dr. Wheeler).

When we arrived, we had to pay to park and then drive around a while to find a spot. Once in the office, we waited for close to an hour. (All things Dr. Wheeler had warned us about). So it didn't seem to be starting off well. Luckily, the important stuff (the staff, the nurse, and the doctor) all turned out to be great.

When we finally got to the room, the nurse used a fetal dopler to listen to Jelly Bean's heartbeat. Besides just the heartbeat, there were all these swishing and sloshing sounds. She chuckled and said it was the most interaction she has ever heard. I inquired what she meant by this (thinking my stomach was growling or something) and basically it meant Jelly Bean was having a party in there, moving around like crazy! The nurse remarked that we must have a little gymnast in there! Very cool. Also so weird that I can't feel it! (I can't wait for that!)

Dr. Schnider met with us in his office and then performed the exam. To our disappointment, we did not get an ultrasound. He explained that insurance only covers so many so he wouldn't be doing one until 20 weeks! Ugh. He met with us again in his office to go over some details and give us our "parent kit." (for lack of a better term. It had all the info of what I can and can't do, a month to month pregnancy book, info on hospital classes, and sample formula and baby butt cream.) Since I have been on such restriction with lifting and working out, I of course inquired if he agreed... and he did. (I was kind of hoping he would say it wasn't that big of a deal but nope.) He informed us that he delivers all his own babies whether he's on call or not (as long as he's not out of town). Very good news. He was explanatory and allowed us time to ask questions. So all in all, we are very happy with our new doctor. (It didn't hurt that Jeff noticed multiple "best doctor in America" plaques.)

We left happy with the new doctor, but not happy about waiting 6 more weeks to find out what Jelly Bean is! So being the impatient people we are, we scheduled an appointment on February 9th for a 3D ultrasound. So in less than two weeks we should know, boy or girl!!! Can't wait!


  1. So excited for you, Katie! PS, if this was your 14 MONTH appointment you might want to send an eviction notice to that Jelly Bean :)

  2. lol! Thanks for pointing that out! See, my brain is gone! :) I'm going to fix that right now!