Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jelly Bean at 11.5 Weeks

Jeff and I went to the doctor on Friday. We were both so excited and anxious (as we always are when we are about to get an ultrasound). There is always that hint of fear that something could be wrong, that the doctor won't be able to find the heartbeat, or something won't look right. I think it's normal. We also had extra nerves with the hope that there was a slight chance the doctor would be able to tell us what he thought the sex was (he had told us the time before that he would be looking to see if he could tell at this visit).

Of course, the ultrasound went great and as far as the doctor could tell, everything looked good. Jelly Bean was going crazy in there! At one point, he/she was slapping his/her knee like some hilarious joke had just been told. So cute! As much as Jelly Bean was moving, I find it so weird that I can't feel a thing. The doctor said I probably wouldn't feel anything until around 20 weeks. I can't wait until I can actually feel movement! I know this is real and that I'm really pregnant, but since I'm barely showing and I can't feel anything, it just doesn't always seem real to me. It's such an amazing miracle that my mind has a hard time grasping it!

During the ultrasound we could actually see hands and feet but the pic doesn't show it.

This is like one of those crazy pics you have to stare at to see the image... If you turned your computer counter clockwise, the cross-hairs are on it's forehead and the two dark spots are it's eyes. Yes, Jelly Bean looks a little like an alien but we still love him/her!

But there was no guessing at the sex. We got a great shot of the "goods" but it wasn't distinguishable yet. I know it can only be one of two options but we are still dying to know! The funny thing is, neither of us care either way, we just want to know. Jeff is so funny because he has always wanted a boy. Then when we got pregnant, he said he was kind of wanting a girl. The week of the appointment, he went back to wanting a boy... but the next day, he said he was kind of wanting a girl! Ha! He is cracking me up! I think we would both like to experience having at least one of each so with the first baby, it's just exciting either way! (Of course healthy is the most important thing... and it's not like we have control over the sex anyways!)

The "goods" are right below the cross-hairs. Any guesses?

This one looks kind of weird but you can actually see Jelly  Bean's spine and some of the organs.

The bitter sweet part of this appointment is that it was my last one with Dr. Wheeler. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but Dr. Wheeler doesn't deliver anymore due to having a pacemaker. So he helps get you pregnant, sees you through the first trimester, and then recommends another doctor for the remainder of the pregnancy. It's kind of sad for us. Dr. Wheeler is an amazing doctor and we have such a good relationship with him that we wish he could be there all the way. Plus, it's a little scary to start all over with a brand new doctor. The good part is, Dr. Wheeler HIGHLY recommends this doctor (he actually delivered his youngest babies). So today I will be calling to make my first appointment with Dr. Schnider.

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  1. Katie, I love reading your blog!! You and Jeff are going to be amazing parents and I'm so excited for both of you! I know life is so busy but I still would love to hang out soon!! :) I can't wait to meet your little boy or girl! Praying for the three of you :)