Friday, November 19, 2010

Time, Oh There You Are

I've almost completed my first official week of unemployment and it has been great. One of my biggest concerns was being bored. Good news, I have been way to busy to get bored... but busy in a good way this time.

I've spent a lot a great time with my best friend Kelsey who stays home with her baby, Harrison. We've been working on craft projects for his first birthday which is only in a couple of weeks! (I can't believe he is almost one! Where does time go!) I know if I were working I wouldn't have the availability to help her this much so that has been a blessing.

Also, with the interest rates as low as they are, Jeff and I are undergoing the process of refinancing our house. (It is amazing how much money you can save by dropping your interest rate down even the slightest!) So, not working has afforded me the time to deal with this process and get all the paperwork together. And part of the process is having an appraiser come appraise your house so 1) my house has to be very clean and 2) someone has to be home for him to come do it. Both things I can do now!

I feel like God has been confirming to me that quitting was the right decision. I know He is doing amazing things right now and I am so thankful to Him!

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