Tuesday, October 5, 2010

There is to Such Thing as Birthday Month!

I love October! Partly because the weather FINALLY starts cooling off down here in the armpit of Texas and partly because it’s my birthday month! The great thing about having your birthday on the very last day of a month is that you have the entire month to celebrate! Jeff tends to disagree (I think it’s mainly because he feels like he gets gypped, sharing his birthday month with Jesus and all.) But after eight years, he has come to accept it.

Now, some people have birthday week, but I assure you, birthday month is much better! Do I get extra presents? Not so much. Surprisingly, extra presents are not what makes birthday month so great. Really, the best part is being able to say “… but it’s my birthday month!” whenever need be. (I really only use this on Jeff and my close family who are required to love me regardless of how annoying I am) A good example:

Jeff: “Could you let the dogs out?”

Me: “But it’s my birthday month!”

(This is really just for fun because it doesn’t work most of the time but somehow I still find it entertaining.)

Here’s my dilemma, this year I turn… wait for it… 25! (That hurts a little. Where has time gone?!?!) I’m thinking this is the last birthday I can really get excited about. After 25, nothing really exciting happens for your birthday other than you are just another year older. At least this year my car insurance should go down. Next year I'll just start climbing closer to 30! Not sure how to feel about this. So I'm thinking I'm just going to act like my normal obnoxious self for birthday month and worry about handling my birthday like an adult next year.

Disclaimer: To all my friends over 25, do NOT get offended by this post... it's my birthday month! :)


  1. Ha! If you think 25 is bad, wait until you hit 27. Then you're officially in your LATE 20's, which is the worst thing ever.:(

    And I totally agree with you about the whole "birthday month" theory. My birthday falls at the end of August, so I really play up the whole "but it's my birthday summer" theory quite a bit. I imagine it works as well for me as it does for you. :)

    Happy Birthday Month, Katie!

  2. "to all my friends over 25..."


    That's ME climbing closer to 30 you're talking about! But you're right -- they are pretty anticlimatic after the 1/4 century mark.

    Thanks for bringing us all down.

    But since it is in fact your birthday month I will forgive you for making me feel old and lame.

    :) Love ya!

  3. Thanks for supporting birthday month Tienna!

    Sorry Kels... but it's my birthday month! (So everyone is forbidden to be mad at me!) Plus, you are NOT old and lame! You are awesome, mature, and wise! ;)

  4. Hi Katie. I came across your blog from Amy's recent post. I just read your entire blog, even though its way past my bed time (ehh who needs sleep right? ) ... I cannot tell you the feeling that I have right now.. Like I have just "met" someone who knows how I feel. My husband and I have been TTC for 4+ years and I was recently diagnosed with PCOS and Insulin Resistance. Doctor's never took the time to diagnose me before now because I didn't fit the "PCOS profile" UGGH!! When I read your post titled Dr. Wonderful and saw the statistic about 90% of women with PCOS getting pregnant with Metformin, tears began to run down my face. That one sentance gave me more hope than I ever thought possible. Then when I read your post about Mitral Valve Prolapse I about fell out. I have it as well. (and a long list of other medical conditions that I hope we don't have in common, for your sake) ... Anyways I would love to swap emails with you if your intrested, seeing as though we have so much in common.
    I'll be praying for You and your husband to be blessed with a miracle very soon!! Much Love, Loren.

  5. Wow! I literally have chill bumps right now! I started my blog about a month ago with the main goal of having a therapeutic release and sharing my story with others, mostly being people I already know. I could only hope that somehow I could reach others going through similar situations in order to relate, support and possibly inspire! So yesterday when my best friend suggested that I post my blog on Amy's site, I figured it couldn't hurt. But what an amazing miracle from God! What are the chances of someone who is literally going through the EXACT same thing as I am to find my blog!?!?! It is like we were meant to "meet" ;) I am so excited to read your blog and to get to know you! Here is my e-amil address: KathrynANorman@yahoo.com Please feel free to e-mail me whenever!

  6. Hey Katie! Thanks for the sweet comment! I've added email address to our blog so check that out! Please do email me at amyrbrooker@hotmail.com I would love to talk to you! Hope you are having a great weekend!!! :)