Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Good Friend Shares

A good friend will share almost anything; her clothes, her food, her house, and yes, even her germs. Since Kels is my very best friend, she does not hold back, so needless to say, I am just now recovering from her graciously "shared" stomach virus. (Hope you know I'm just joking around Kels because this made a way better title than "Vomiting for a Day." Although, I did lose a few pounds in only a day so this could be called "The New Diet Plan.") Anyways, it was ROUGH. I guess I haven't had a stomach virus in a while and it's like you forget just how bad they really are. I'll spare you the details, but just take my word, they are the worst!

Positive side, (yes, I am finding a positive side, so please, feel free to pat me on the back) while lying on my death bed (the couch in the playroom), aching so bad I can't find rest, my Knight in Shining Armor (AKA: my hubby) brings me home soup and NyQuil. After a good dose of each, I eventually pass out so this wonderful man makes our bed (yes, he put on the fitted sheet all by himself!), carries me to bed, tucks me in, and brings all my "stuff" (meds, water, Gatorade...) and puts it next to me on my night stand. It's moments like this where I feel like I'm the most blessed women in the world!

On a completely separate note *earmuffs men who don't want TMI*, Aunt Flo made her unusually timely visit yesterday, which is HUGE considering this is the most "normal" my cycle has been in over a year! I assure you, I share this information not to gross you out with the details of my dysfunctional body (even though I would like to point out that most infertility blogs share A LOT more, so you're welcome) but because this is all the more proof that my meds are working and my body is attempting to function properly! So I'm going to praise God for these cramps!


  1. Don't blame me...blame my kid! That's who I'm blaming anyway. :)

    And you might want to stay away from me for a while longer because now I'm pretty positive that I have the worst case of the cold/flu/slow & miserable death that has ever been documented. Fun times at our house, let me tell ya.

    But most importantly, YAY FOR NORMALIZING CYCLES!!!!

  2. I second that YAY FOR NORMALIZING CYCLES! And I'm so sorry you're all sick (but rather grateful for once that you guys live 8 hours away so I can't catch your nasty germs - hahaha). Love you all!!