Friday, December 23, 2011

My Hubby is the Big 3-0 Today!

I really can't believe this! When I met my hubby he was a mere 20 year old, and today, he turns 30!

In order to celebrate this momentous occasion,  I threw him a 1920's themed 30th birthday party (a week early since his birthday is Christmas Eve Eve ;)

Get the connection to the theme??? ;)

I used cute music sheet note scrapbook paper since my hubby is very into music and it tied in with the jazzy-ness of the 1920's

Guests were greeted by a prop stand...
"Another decade in Jeff's life has past, his roaring 20's sure were a blast. So let's celebrate this new chapter to come, by stepping back into a decade of fun. Pick your prop and dress in style, of this jazzy decade ending in a short while."

And "photo booth"

My MIL actually just happened to have a set of these "roaring twenties" glasses! So perfect!

I used playing cards and ribbon to make streamers throughout the house.

The spread

I had to get a close up of this yummy chicken caesar salad spread! I just kinda threw it together and it turned out pretty good! (shredded chicken, caesar dressing, Parmesan cheese, lime juice, finely shredded arugula, and dashes of garlic powder and pepper)

I used wine and martini glasses as candle holders
I set up a "Mocktail Bar" full of fun mocktail recipes

I have to say the old man mustache was quite appropriate ;)

We couldn't resist...

And the guys joined in on the fun (Dustin, you are killing me! lol!)

Grammy and Grandpop watched Holly Bug so mommy could play hostess but she had to get a quick pic with daddy at the end of the night.

Happy Birthday to the love of my life! I hope all your birthday wishes come true!


  1. How did you make the banner that says "Say Goodbye to the Roaring Twenties"? You said you used music note print scrapbook paper but how what did you use to cut them out? and what style font is it? I absolutely love it and am throwing a Gatsby 30th for myself this August! Thanks for any feedback!

  2. Hi Sarah! I bought the music note paper from Hobby Lobby and then used my friend's Cricut machine to cut the letters. I'm not sure what the font is called. If you don't know anyone with a Cricut, you could probably buy paper that would look ok with black letters on it and then just cut out the letters with a square or circle around them and add an additional layers behind that in a solid color paper. Hope that helps a little!