Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Goodies

It has been a sort of tradition for quite a few years now that my mom and I and (more recently) my sister spend a whole day making Christmas goodies. Every year we have our staple goodies and then we like to try some new things. We always make a huge mess and we never estimate enough time, but when it's all done, it's worth it! And I love that I have this special tradition with my mom, which I plan to carry on with Hollyn (who participated this year by napping and playing with Aunt Kristy).

This year I found a perfect ornament for my mom! (And of course I got one for myself too ;) I love the idea that every year when we put this on our trees we can think of all the fun memories we have shared baking together!

(My sis has decided her tree will only have pig ornaments so I got her a cute pig... but I didn't think to take a pic)

Like I said, we make a big mess...

But we were very productive...

Chocolate covered cookie dough balls

Gingerbread men

Oreo truffles
Pecan bark

Coconut bon-bons

Homemade turtles (thank you Pinterest)

Peppermint bark

Thanks mom and Kris for a successful and memorable day! Here's to over indulgence! :)

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