Saturday, July 16, 2011

38 Week+ Update

Tuesday (7/12/11) was officially 38 weeks. We had our weekly doctor's visit, and after the last weeks visit of no progression, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that I had dilated to 1cm, baby was at a -1 station, and my cervix was soft. (Nice to know the pain was for something!)

38 weeks

Well, over the last few days I had noticed Hollyn hasn't been as active. And her movements just weren't as strong. Also, (totally TMI but...) I'm pretty sure my bladder has sprung a leak but wanted to know how I would know the difference between that and my water leaking. So, I called the doctor's office expecting to get to ask the nurse my questions. Instead, the receptionist informed me that the nurse was busy so she wanted to know what the questions were in regards to. All I said was that I wanted to ask about the baby's movement (I did NOT say she wasn't moving) and explained my bladder situation. She put me on hold and came back to tell me the doctor wanted me to come in right away.

Kinda freaked me out.

So Jeff left work early and we drove to Houston. I explained to the nurse what had happened and she said they never mind checking just to be safe. But when the doctor came in, he did say he had misunderstood and thought that I wasn't feeling the baby move at all. He ended up checking to make sure my water wasn't leaking (which it wasn't) and performing the oh so wonderful pelvic exam (ouch!!!). The good part to all of this is that we learned I've made more progress since Tuesday... I went from 0 to 70% effaced, baby is now at 0 station (engaged in the pelvis), and I've dilated a tiny bit more (from a 1 to a 1+). As much as the pelvic exam sucks, it was nice to find out my body is doing its job.

The doctor has mentioned inducing at around 39 weeks. At Tuesday's appointment he made it sound as if he would induce the following Tuesday if I had shown progress. So Jeff was wishfully hoping today was the day and that he would go ahead and induce while we were there. For a moment, the doctor did almost seem tempted. He kind of looked at the chart and then checked something on his phone (which we were guessing was his calendar) and asked when we were coming back. When we told him Tuesday, he eventually said "ok, I'll see you Tuesday... if I don't hear from you sooner."

Jeff was totally bummed but I felt a little relieved. I really believe that if she can come naturally, that is what's best (as much as I'd like to meet my baby ASAP!)

So for now I'm praying that I know when it's time to go to the hospital, for a safe vaginal delivery, and of course for a healthy baby and momma.



  1. You are DAYS away from meeting your baby.. SO exciting!!!!!

  2. So exciting! Your precious baby will be here soon & all this waiting and discomfort will be worth it!!