Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hollyn is Twelve Months (AKA 1 YEAR) Today!!!

Hollyn is ONE YEAR old today!!! {July 19, 2012} (Late post as usual... or at least my new usual!)

Let's see what you've been up to...

At your one year check up you weighed 19.7lbs, were 30in longs, and your head was 43cm around.

You sign so much! The video is of you signing for milk but you also sign eat, help, all done, more, please and you blow kisses and do prayer hands (melts my heart).

You love to drink big peoples drinks.

A little Jamba Juice with Aunt Kristy
We celebrated your first 4th of July at the Boyds house with our friends (unfortunately, this is the best pic I got).

You started saying "there it is!" You actually look for your toys in different places and when you find what you are looking for you exclaim "there it is!" Crack us up! (Aunt Kristy got this video of you repeating her) You also say "Here you go" and you started saying cracker but it has evolved into "ba-ba."

We celebrated Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a with our friends (and free food ;)

The calves

Your friend, Harrison, had a cow that you desperately wanted (not to mention the torture of the bazillion cows hanging from the ceiling, so Aunt Kristy bought you your own :)


Mommy and her moo cow
You love to run around in your walker and you loved to be chased! (You also started cruising along the furniture this month).

We threw you a frill-tastic first birthday party! (A blog post to come soon)

I edited the last line of the invite in order to not share my personal info so it doesn't look perfect but the original is perfect. I ordered Hollyn's invites from the sweetpeababy Etsy shop and had the best experience! I would highly recommend this shop :)

Your first reaction to your cake! "Hands only slow me down."

You like to "smell" things. Technically, you do more of a blowing action but so cute!

Aunt Kristy let you ride on the mechanical horse at Babies R Us. You loved it! This video if actually of your second ride, after you refused to get off, lol!

A couple days before your actual birthday we took a special trip to the Galleria with Aunt Kristy to spend some birthday money at The Disney Store. The sweet lady at The Disney Store gave you a "fireworks show" and had everyone sing you Happy Birthday!

You and your new Disney princesses.

On your actual birthday we enjoyed a lunch with our besties at La Brisa.

Who doesn't love a good Mexican restaurant chip?!?!

The best part??? Free ice cream!

For dinner, we had chicken spaghetti with the family.

"Hmm... what is this messy stuff???"
"Tastes pretty good."

"Mmm! Really good!"

"And fun to wear!"
 After dinner (and a little banana pudding for dessert) it was time for presents!

Opening presents is hard work.

A giant bucket full of Little People! (Including the dollhouse and farm)

A Hollyn-sized chair
Perfect fit!

You got an Aquadoodle with some of your birthday money and you like to draw. You learned to say "circle" while I was trying to teach you to draw one.

Your first piece of art!

To my absolutely beautiful one year old princess, it is so hard to believe you are a whole YEAR old! As difficult as it is to watch you transform from a baby to a toddler, it has also been ridiculously fun and rewarding! Just when I think you couldn't be more fun you prove me wrong! You are a miracle and the most amazing blessing! Your Daddy and I love you with all of our hearts and have thoroughly enjoyed watching you grow this year!

Out-takes! (Do you know how hard it is to get a one year old NOT to grab the sign???)

Now, just look at the camera...

Almost! Just move your hand...

Ok Dad, hold the toy behind the camera lady ;)

Ah! Finally :)

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