Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hollyn is Eleven Months Old today!

How is it possible that I only have one month left of your babyhood??? Well, you will always be my baby. {June 19, 2012}...(ok, I'm posting this super late. 80% of this post was done a long time ago but waiting for me to upload the videos... I'm a bad blogger... but since I put the correct date in {} it's all good, right??? ;)

Let's see what you've been up to...

You rocked your first set of pigtails :)

You can put your shapes in your shape toy.

You learned to unbuckle the chest strap on your carrier car seat so we had to upgrade to a big girl car seat.

We went to the zoo with our friends.

Harrison, Brody, Harper, and Hollyn
And we rode the carousel which you loved!

You and Harper went swimming at the YMCA Family Fun Pool for the first time!

Silly girls!
You LOVE babies and stuffed animals and you like to show them your love ;) This is your absolute favortie baby!

You love to shop with Mommy and Aunt Kristy... but it sure is exhausting!

You shopped 'til you dropped!

We got all dressed up and went to cousin Cohl's wedding.

You and Grandpop are attached at the hip.

All the music and dancing sure wore you out!

You went to Galveston beach for the first time with Mommy, Aunt Kristy, and cousin Kenzie and you had a blast!

You loved playing in the sand! (As well as eating it! Yuck!)

You have the best kissy face!

We took a family trip to Destin to visit you Uncle Robbie and it was an AMAZING trip! You did great and we had lots of family fun! (Destin Vaca post to come soon)

Although you pulled yourself to stand for the first time a couple months ago you weren't super interested in standing (except for maybe in the bath tub where Mommy is not a fan). But for some reason you decided it was fun at Uncle Robbie's and now you pull yourself to stand everywhere!


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