Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hollyn's First Christmas

Yes, I am ridiculously late in posting this but I needed some recovery time from the holiday madness (as well as the bronchitis I've had for a month, treated with two rounds of antibiotics and steroids and an inhaler... and still having issues! Boooo!)

Anyways, our Christmas was amazing!

We celebrated Christmas Eve by attending church followed by Mexican food at my parents' house.

My Grammy had started a tradition with us from the time we were born in which we opened one present on Christmas Eve and it was always pajamas (that way you had new pj's for Christmas morning pics). My parents carried this on with us through adulthood until we stopped exchanging gifts a few years back (which I think almost killed my mom). Now, they are continuing the tradition with Hollyn :)

My sister and I always had our own box for pj's and now Hollyn has one.

Christmas morning was at our house as usual. In addition to our traditional pigs n' blankets and my MIL's breakfast casserole, I made a cinnamon roll cake from scratch which was to die for! (I couldn't even get a pic before it got cut into!)

We played White Elephant as we have the past few years only this year I changed it to ornaments. I really enjoyed it this way but some people really missed doing regular presents so I guess we will put it to a vote next year.

We didn't know how interested Hollyn would be in her presents but she LOVED it! She enjoyed every. single. one. She helped tear the paper and she would hold and look at each gift as if it was very interesting.

Hollyn's first Christmas was so much fun and I know it will only get better as she gets older and can participate even more.

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