Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hollyn is Six Months Old Today!

Today my sweet baby girl is six months old which means she is closer to being a year old than she is a baby. Kind of stings a little. It is so exciting to watch her grow and learn but hard to see just how fast time goes by.

Let's see what you've been up to...

At your six month check up you weighed in at 16lbs 13oz (75th%)!!! You were 27in long (90th%) and your head was 41cm (you actually moved up to between the 10th and 25th%!).

The day you turned 5 months you started babbling "dadadada." On New Year's Eve you looked at your daddy and said "dada." It was very coincidental and has yet to happen again, so there has been a debate on whether this counts as your first word or not... I'll let you guess which parent thinks it counts ;)

You've started sleeping on your tummy sometimes. I lay you in your crib on your back but most of the time you flip over anyways.

Mommy used you as a tutu model for the Valentines tutu I made and what a cute model you are ;)

You currently roll around to get where you want to go but it won't be long until you figure this crawling thing out! (Not sure that mommy is ready!)

Another one of your tricks! ;)

Pretzel baby!

Mommy and Daddy took you to the Houston Zoo for the first time. You LOVE dogs so I thought you would be fascinated with all the different animals. You had fun but I'm not sure how well you could see all the animals since some were not moving around and hard to spot. Regardless, it was a great family day!

I think you have Daddy's smile...

and his goofy face!!! lol!

I bought you these sunglasses and you actually keep them on!

26 weeks
Your laugh harder the more tired you are... it's like you're delirious! Ha! (This is bad video quality but the sound is priceless... the way you laugh at the end gets me every time!)

25 weeks
You are enjoying playing in your jumper even more.

24 weeks

Now that you are sitting up, you and your bestie, Harper, have fun playing together. And I must say, y'all are so sweet!

You had your first Christmas and it was a blast! You loved opening all your presents.

Photo op!

And the prop box turned out to have more than one use! ;)

We took you to the Festival of Lights. You did enjoy it despite the look on your face in the pic. (this was taken at the very end and you were tired.)

You got a couple "baby safe feeders" for Christmas and so far I've frozen your baby yogurt and mashed bananas and you love it!

Your Daddy turned 30 this month!

So you took him to dinner ;)  (this was actually your first time to sit in a highchair at a restaurant!)

You love being read to and your Aunt Kristy love to read to you.

What an incredible six months it has been!

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