Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tae Bo with Billy Blanks!

Today I had the most amazing opportunity... I took a Tae Bo class from Billy Blanks himself! I've been taking Tae Bo classes at the YMCA for a few years now and I just love it. It is a crazy hard work out but fun at the same time. The instructor, Hiro, was one of the first certified Tae Bo instructors and has been in Billy's videos. Hiro had arranged for Billy to come to the Perry YMCA and teach Tae Bo classes. The tickets were only $20 and the money goes to his foundation, Tae Bo for the Troops.

The class was an hour and a half and a good challenge.

After the class Billy talked to us for a while about goals.

If you look close, I'm sitting in the back with the lavender tank top :)

Unfortunately, I had to leave early because I had a hungry baby (who refuses to take a bottle ;) waiting on me so I didn't get a picture with Billy or an autograph but it was still an awesome day :)

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