Saturday, September 3, 2011


It's hard to keep up a blog when you have a baby... and even harder to have something other than your baby to write about! Ha!

For a quick update:

Hollyn and I both had our six weeks check ups this week. Hers went great. (I adore our pediatrician). She weighed 10lbs 8oz (75th %), 22.75in long (90th %), and her head is 36cm (12th % ha!). She had to get two shots (Polio and Hep B part 2) which totally sucked. I would normally make Jeff be the mean one who has to hold her leg while they torture my poor baby but he was at his own doctor's appointment so I had to be the bad guy. Boo.

My appointment... well... not so great. I'm healing but apparently I "over" healed so the doctor had to cauterize scar tissue. Yes, that means BURN off. With NO pain meds. So needless to say, I was not released for "activity" yet. I have to go back in 3 weeks and hopefully all is well then.

In other exciting news, I developed mastitis two days ago. I had no idea how bad this could be. It was apparently caused by a clogged duct. Not only is it painful, but you get flu like symptoms with it : / I HATE being sick (as if everyone doesn't) so I always try to do more than I should too soon. I really wanted to enjoy the weekend and in my head I should feel better since I've been on antibiotics for two full days so my parents came to watch Hollyn while we got out of the house. After running a couple of errands we went for an early dinner. Food sounded so good in my head... but unfortunately I couldn't eat... instead I got sick in a PUBLIC bathroom! Gross! Flashback to pregnancy!

Anyways, I'm getting a lot braver about going places with Hollyn and we've actually started to venture out into society so hopefully I will have more exciting things to talk about soon. (Other than my tortured lady parts!)

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