Monday, November 5, 2012

Hollyn's First Year Photo Book

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Thanks to a Groupon, I made this book to have a physical representation of Hollyn's first year. I must say, creating a photo book entailing a YEAR's worth of photos and memories, coupled with strong OCD tendencies is one challenging task! But worth it. Glad that I can also share it virtually! So enjoy!

Side note: I've been a horrible blogger. It is so important to me to maintain this blog, for many reasons, but most importantly, it serves as a permanent documentation of memories for me. I love looking back over it and seeing what God has been doing in my life. With that said, life has been crazy, mostly in a good way, so I have failed to keep up! Updates coming soon!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hollyn's FIRST Birthday Party!

I edited the last line of the invite in order to not share my personal info so it doesn't look perfect but the original is perfect. I ordered Hollyn's invites from the sweetpeababy Etsy shop and had the best experience! I would highly recommend this shop :)
We had an amazing time celebrating Hollyn's FIRST birthday with family and friends! I thought I'd share some pics of the decor and fun!

I hung a photo timeline of Hollyn on the mantel using twine, ribbon, tulle, and her monthly photos.

I rearranged the dining room to have more space and used the dining room table to create a buffet affect. The streamers were one of my favorite parts! (See tutorial here). I made the table skirt by laying the pink tablecloth over top of the table and then folded the turquoise tablecloth in a way to create uneven layers. Next, I slowly ruffled the turquoise tablecloth while using yellow duct tape to attach it to the pink tablecloth. It definitely took two sets of hands and three turquoise tablecloths (which didn't make it all the way around). When it was all said and done, it would have been cheaper and less stressful to just buy the ruffled table skirt from Party City, but it turned out cute. (I actually got the idea here, on Pinterest, and just changed it a little).

The food theme was brunch and since yogurt is one of Hollyn's absolute faves, I made a yogurt bar (I saw the idea on Pinterest but the link took me here, not sure where the idea is on this site). I also made these adorable bubble gum dispenser dishes based on, you guessed it, a tutorial found on Pinterest! (See tutorial here.) They were perfect dishes for yogurt melts, Cheerios, Goldfish, and little cupcake marshmellows.

 Some bagels and cream cheese...

We also served peanut butter and jelly pinwheels (great and easy toddler food) as well as egg and cheese English muffins, quartered. (I used this breakfast sandwich making technique to save time).

I actually borrowed my friend, Kelsey's, ruffled 1 on burlap and just framed it with ribbon to serve as a backdrop for Hollyn's cake pics. I saw the idea for the highchair garland here and just made it my own.

The kitchen setup...


 With the drink station...

 And dessert table.

Hollyn's smash cake (strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting).

And for the guests, red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and strawberry with strawberry.

Watermelon cut with cookie cutters! So fun! (Idea seen here).

 Some AMAZING banana pudding! (Recipe)

The party favors were pinwheels attached to bubbles with a card that said "Hollyn's first year sure has flown by! Thanks for celebrating with us!"

Some of our wonderful guests...

Uncle Andy and Aunt Ali

Grandpop with the birthday girl


Pop Pop and Mimi

The big boys

Harper and me

Harrison "convinced" Uncle Jeff to sneak away for a bit for a little guitar time ;)
The best part of the party??? Why the cake part of course! Humor me, I had a hard time narrowing down the cake pics ;)

"Oh, I can use my hands???"

Hollyn just went right for it, head first! lol!

Once she realized she could use her hands...


A BIG ball from GrandPixie and Grandpa Billy...

Definitely shouldn't have let her open the ball first! lol!
And a Little People shopping cart scooter!

 Hollyn got a special baby from the Boyds which has her name embroidered on the dress. So sweet!

Hollyn opening her present from Grammy and Grandpop...

A Little Tikes car :)

"Uh, that was a lot of paper!"
All in all, the party was a great success and it was so special to have such wonderful friends and family, who love our baby girl, and celebrated her first year of life with us!